3 Content Insights to Capture Physicians’ Attention

Jun 23, 2022 | Hospital Solutions

We know physicians are a busy group of people who are notoriously hard to reach. Physician marketers are constantly faced with the challenge of getting their message in front of this key audience. But finding the right channels to reach physicians is only one piece of the puzzle. Once you identify how and where you can reach your target audience, you have to shift your focus to figuring out what content will capture physicians’ attention. 


It is all too obvious when companies create marketing and advertising campaigns that are overtly promotional. Physicians are looking for content that adds value to their lives and practices. They seek information on cutting-edge research, technological innovations, and breakthrough clinical trials. Here are three insights from Doximity’s editorial team on how to create content that captures physicians’ attention and keeps them engaged. 


1. Speak their language 

The content’s tone should be written like a peer-to-peer article that uses clinical vocabulary. Using a medical writer who understands the subject matter thoroughly is important. Otherwise, physicians will quickly lose interest.

2. Share, don’t boast

Create content by altruistically sharing information. Write it with the objective of educating specialists while avoiding overly promotional language. An “About Us” section as a footer is acceptable.

3. Be relevant and on-trend

Consider the timing of your announcement. For example, are you offering an exciting procedure that is new to your region? Are you hosting an upcoming webinar or event? Perfect. Share information that is relevant to the specialists you’re trying to reach, like when you have a rockstar physician joining your team in a targeted specialty. And, when possible, lean into trending topics.


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