4 Easy Steps to Strengthen Your Team

Jul 26, 2021 | Hospital Solutions

It doesn’t matter whether they’re internal or external; partnerships are tricky. Knowing how to work together throughout the year is vital to solid campaigns. We asked one of our most successful teams how they do it.


Ensure All Team Members Are Present

One of the most critical pieces of working together is making sure everyone is on the same page. The best way to do that is by bringing everyone together on any calls. Including the whole team means that everyone is well-informed and on top of new projects or day-to-day changes. It ensures nothing is lost in translation. If a team member is out of the office, they know how to answer questions or jump on a project. 


What’s more, it’s easy to miss out on opportunities when different minds and departments aren’t represented. If your colleagues can’t make it to every meeting, that’s understandable. Copying your team on emails is another great way to keep them up-to-date.


Review Presentations As a Team

It might sound time-consuming, but reviewing content that you’ll be presenting to key stakeholders before a meeting helps bring confusing pieces to light and keeps everyone on the same page. This way, there shouldn’t be any surprising information or contradictory messages.


Set Clear Team Roles

When a project comes in, or you receive a question from a key stakeholder, who is running point? Are you pulling target lists, or is your colleague? If your team isn’t clear on roles and responsibilities, details can fall through the cracks. If a delineation is fuzzy, make sure to set up a protocol for the next time it comes up.


While it might sound contradictory, when developing timelines, make sure your colleagues are on the same page. If you need to promise an expedited version, don’t hesitate to cross over and help deliver on responsibilities. Letting the burden fall on one person and ultimately missing a deadline will only hurt your entire team. 


Schedule Regular Team Check-Ins

Touching base on projects and looping in the team is a great way to get new perspectives. Is your team working on something that might make your campaign stronger? Did a physician complete a trial you haven’t heard of yet? Getting the team together allows you to discuss roadblocks and how a colleague might have tackled them in the past.