A Day in the Life of Brandon Leung

Doximity's Hawaii-based Hospital Solutions Product Manager

Jul 26, 2021 | Hospital Solutions

At Doximity, our products are the foundation on which we can build successful programs for our clients. We followed Brandon Leung, our Hawaii-based Product Manager, to gain a glimpse into how it all works.


5:30 A.M

With the neighborhood roosters as his alarm clock, Brandon’s up early, picking mangos from his backyard tree and making a mango açai smoothie to start the day.


6:01 A.M

He kicks off the morning right away by checking for any urgent Slack (a messaging app) messages from his team. His east coast based colleagues are well into their day and may have a few questions for the product team.


6:30 A.M

Next, he checks the team’s Pivotal Tracker board to see how the team is stacking up to this quarter’s goals. Pivotal is a workflow tool used to track software engineering stories and sprint cycles. Each team at Doximity has three main goals for the quarter that align with Doximity’s overarching goals. For Brandon’s team, those goals could be anything from optimizing an existing product or launching a new idea that stemmed from our Hospital Advisory Board. 


7:05 A.M

Brandon is a fan of using Trello boards to track his to-do list. First up is writing up jobs for his team focused around the new Patient Connect layout in the client dashboard. He drafts a mockup to convey his thoughts better. 


7:40 A.M

His rumbling stomach sends Brandon to grab a classic Hawaiian breakfast: spam, eggs, and avocado toast.


8:20 A.M

Brandon gives a Dox University presentation. Each month, Doximity holds a Dox U session that provides new hires with an overview of Doximity, its values and culture, people, and a highlight of each product line. 


9:00 A.M

Once a week, the Product team syncs with Client Success and Marketing representatives to discuss broader strategic items such as launching features and how to market those features to the client. Today, the group discusses social amplification on DocNews® content in the newsfeed and how best to update our partners on new features.


10:00 A.M 

Brandon leads an estimation meeting with the development team every other week to determine the amount of time and effort each project may take. The project he presents today pertains to the new DocNews® subscription model and how the inventory will appear on the client dashboard. 


11:16 A.M 

Brandon grabs one of his go-to lunchtime favorites - a shoyu ahi poke bowl. He heads over to the lanai, the breeziest part of the house, to enjoy his meal and watch as the ocean swell fills in.


12:22 P.M

Brandon reviews new product ideas on which the team hopes to partner with healthcare organizations. This quarter, the product team explores a new way for clients to utilize local and state digests to elevate their brand in certain regions better. Brandon spends the rest of his day drafting up a business case, researching product mechanics, and scoping out feasibility for this new idea.


2:17 P.M

Brandon finishes his day by checking his schedule for the next day and reorganizing his to-do list to prepare for tomorrow.


2:31 P.M

Finally, it’s his favorite meeting of the day—a board meeting 🏄‍♂️. Brandon closes his laptop and hits the waves.


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