A Day in the Life of Kailyn Castro

May 25, 2022 | Hospital Solutions

The Hospital Solutions team is constantly growing, and there are so many moving pieces to keep track of for both our team and our clients. This is where our Operations team comes in. Kailyn Castro is our NYC-based Director of Operations. She and her team are responsible for managing processes and increasing efficiency in the background so we can deliver high-quality and successful programs for our clients.

6:20 AM
The alarm goes off; Kailyn makes coffee with her french press and takes her dog, Attie, out for a walk along the East River in Manhattan, followed by a run prescribed by her marathon training plan.


8:30 AM
After showering and eating a banana with almond butter, she logs on for the day. She checks Slack first to catch up on anything that came in last night from folks on the west coast. 


8:45 AM
There is a question about a recent product change she will need to address. But first, she reviews her to-do list and prioritizes what must be done today and by the end of the week. 


9:00 AM
Kailyn quickly answers her teammate’s query. While on Slack, she sifts through a few different group messages to see if there are any issues she can address. One question has popped into the product team channel. It’s not urgent and Kailyn knows her team can handle it. 


9:15 AM
Kailyn logs into Salesforce to check her team’s task queue. Her team supports the sales and client success staff through their expert navigation of internal and external data. Requests come in on a daily basis for campaign target lists, physician profile updates, and uploads of complex data. She’ll use this task dashboard later in the day during her 1:1s with her team.


9:22 AM
Browsing through her email, Kailyn clicks into Harvard Business Review’s The Management Tip of The Day. Today’s tip is: “Keep valuable employees by understanding what drives them.” Kailyn reflects on her rockstar team. She knows they are driven by a common mission. She is constantly learning from them and is impressed by their ideas and dedication.


9:47 AM
The first critical item on the list for today is to update Doximity’s internal dashboard with information about enhancements to our targeting tool.


This dashboard is where anyone on the Doximity team can find answers that they may need - from Colleague Connect® campaign benchmarks to DocNews® video specifications.


10:30 AM
Next up, Kailyn meets with a Client Success Manager who has questions about organizing a client’s campaign details through Airtable in a way that best showcases their different programs. After identifying the partner’s goals and playing around with the filters, they have a solution that works!


We use Airtable to manage clients’ inventory, content proofs, and reporting. It can be reorganized to be easily digestible for clients with different goals.


11:00 AM
Kailyn has back-to-back 1:1 calls with a few people on her team to see how their week is going. One team member mentions that we are seeing our sales team ask for similar target counts for prospects. We plan to work with our marketing team to develop a clear one-pager that the sales team can use to streamline conversations with prospective clients. Another team member shares an update about a Patient Connect enhancement that our product team will be rolling out. 


1:16 PM
Kailyn realizes she hasn’t eaten all day, so she crosses her studio apartment to throw together a salad. She debates on taking it to her desk but notices the sun shining and decides to take it up to the roof. 


2:07 PM
Kailyn returns to her computer with a message from a product manager asking to talk through a product enhancement proposal that was submitted to improve our client’s experience. She hops on a quick screen share to further explain the request. 


2:23 PM
Kailyn has been working with the internal Salesforce team to better organize client data. She gets a Slack message about something that needs to be looked over immediately so an enhancement can be made by the end of the week. Other items on the to-do list can wait. Kailyn opens the excel file and starts reviewing the data.


5:47 PM
Attie has started pawing at Kailyn’s leg. She always knows when it’s time to remind her mom that the workday is over. Kailyn sends over the updated file to the Salesforce team, checks Slack and emails for anything that needs immediate attention, and closes her computer. She grabs Attie’s leash and they decide to head up to Central Park. It’s a perfect day in New York City.