A Day in the Life of Olivia Huston

Nov 22, 2019 | Hospital Solutions

Ever wondered what your Client Success Manager does all day? We followed Olivia Huston, our San Francisco based CSM, who works with Keck Medicine of USC, UCLA, and UCSD, among others, to give you a glimpse into her daily routine.

9:01 A.M.

Olivia walks into the office and grabs a cup of coffee. 


9:04 A.M.

She kicks off the day by double-checking her calendar and planning for any calls. 


9:10 A.M.

Typically, Olivia has at least one client bi-weekly check-in every day. This morning, she has one at 9:30, so she makes sure to double-check her status report she updated the day before. She emails it to her client along with a proof of a Colleague Connect® message that they’ve been drafting and are ready to send out. This way, she can chat with them through the sending process. 


9:30 A.M.

Olivia spends time meeting with her client for the day. Because she sent over the status document and Colleague Connect® proof in advance, everything runs fairly smoothly and they have time to review the client’s workflow document that they use to stay on top of their inventory at Doximity. Olivia also uses the workflow document as a strategic planning tool for future content to be launched across the term. In fact, one Doximity client, an academic health system in the Midwest, strategically planned their inventory deployment, resulting in up to a 33% impression rate and a 30% view rate.

DocNews Calendar

10:10 A.M.

After the call (which ran a tiny bit over), Olivia spends time pulling together a follow-up email. She works on finding some answers to her client’s questions about Op-Med posts and getting their physicians involved. She also finalizes targeting for the upcoming Colleague Connect® letter and pulls the target list to include in her email.


12:05 P.M.

Olivia goes over to the kitchen to grab her EAT Club meal (for today she picked a banh mi salad) and heads up to Doximity’s rooftop deck to take advantage of the sunny day and eat with a couple of coworkers.


12:42 P.M.

After grabbing a package of Oreos from the kitchen, Olivia heads back to her desk to work on putting together a DocNews® campaign report for another client who has an upcoming department meeting. She reviews the report and develops an analysis of how the campaign is performing and a recommendation for how to move forward.


“I always want to make sure that my clients know I’m available for strategic planning. I want them to know they’re not alone and that we’re partners aiming towards success.”



2:43 P.M.

A client emails asking for materials to help get their physicians onboarded on the Doximity platform. She sends them over a one-pager about what the app can do, how to get started and profile tips.


3:02 P.M. 

Olivia begins updating a couple of status documents for the bi-weekly call she has tomorrow. She includes how much inventory has been used and how the campaigns are doing. She also follows up with the internal development team to make sure they will send her a proof of the DocNews® campaign that will be pushed live next week.


5:25 P.M. 

Olivia heads out the door and to her 6 o’clock Orange Theory class.