Client Spotlight: Utilizing Best Practices

With University of Chicago Medical Center

Feb 27, 2019 | Hospital Solutions

The Chicago healthcare market is competitive. With so many top-ranked hospitals located within the city limits or in nearby suburban communities, how does one stand out in a market with so many options?

To gain a competitive edge, University of Chicago Medical Center leverages two of Doximity’s key ‘best practice’ recommendations: a year round content journey for full brand exposure, and brand ambassadors for amplification.

Year Round Content Journey

Often, we have clients interested in focusing their content strategy around big events or milestones. We advise our clients to consider a year round content journey to help maximize brand awareness throughout the whole year.

This strategy helped the University of Chicago maximize brand awareness and stay current with prevailing, seasonal trends in medicine. In the fall and winter, we decided to focus on newsworthy, groundbreaking developments targeted to a national audience. An example of this is a story about how University of Chicago was the first hospital to perform a life-saving, triple transplant on two patients in November of 2018.

One version of the story featured on Doximity:

In the spring and summer months, we chose to focus on promoting their CME events through DocNews, which narrows the focus to a regional audience of Midwestern states, including University of Chicago’s core market of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.

One of the ways University of Chicago showcased their CME events:

By using this multifaceted strategy, University of Chicago was able to increase both the breadth and depth of their brand. Knowing that CME focused content is stickier in the spring and summer months when conference season is in full swing helped them lay out the appropriate content journey to maximize their audience throughout the year.

Creating Brand Ambassadors

University of Chicago creates brand ambassadors on Doximity by adding the featured physicians from their Colleague Connect program, a physician-to-physician messaging strategy, to their DocNews target lists.

One key benefit is that when a physician socially amplifies a DocNews story (i.e. like, share, comments), that story becomes organic content and can be seen by that user’s network of connections. So, when the University of Chicago brand ambassadors engage with the content on Doximity, the “network effect” takes over allowing the story to be passed to a much larger, friendlier audience.

While it may seem counterintuitive to include your own physicians as part of a marketing campaign, leveraging your brand ambassadors has the potential to really amplify your message.

Want to learn more about owning your own brand story on Doximity? You can watch a quick video below to see how it works, or reach out to a member of our team here.

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