Developing Physician Content That Clicks

Nov 18, 2021 | Kate Domin - Doximity Marketing Associate

One of the most frequently asked questions from our partners is how to develop content for physicians. Since Doximity is a physician-first platform, our content looks a little different from traditional banner ads and advertising on other social media platforms. The following tips are from our team of professional medical writers and give you the secret to creating standout physician content. 


  1. Keep it current. Content that is less than a year old gets the best engagement. 
  2. Lean into the clinical. Remember, this content isn’t for patients, but for healthcare professionals. Technical language and graphic photos are totally okay in this setting, and even preferred! 
  3. Make it tailored. Like all good social media content, you want to keep your audience in mind. Doximity allows you to target very precisely--use that to your advantage when developing content. 
  4. Ensure it’s relevant. If you’re targeting neurosurgeons, it’s probably not the right time to share your new TAVR treatment. Keep specialty front-of-mind. 


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