Doximity's Top 6 Trending Topics

Nov 22, 2019 | Hospital Solutions

While developing content, determining whether a topic will perform well or not can be difficult. What will be interesting to your audience? What if you spend time and money on a piece and it flops? Our client success team worked with the editorial team to gather and formulate learnings about what subjects are resonating most with physicians on the Doximity Newsfeed right now. Below are six trending topics on Doximity to use for your next campaign so you don’t have to guess what will hit the mark.

1. Clinical and Procedural Advances

Physicians want to hear about advances in technology and medicine, especially if the information comes in video format. Make sure to focus on any news about AI diagnostics, CRISPR, 3D printing of the heart, or new toxicities with CAR-T among others.

2. Institutional Highlights

Make your hospital stand out. Increase your brand awareness while informing physicians about unique programs (such as wilderness medicine) or any programs and institutes offering cutting edge procedures and pioneering new methods.

3. Business of Medicine

The business of medicine is just as intriguing to physicians as the medicine itself. Content focused on successful programs that scaled to policy changes, technological advances and societal shifts, as well as the advent of concierge medicine all outperform other topics.

4. Thought Leaders

Physicians love to hear from other physicians. Choose an influencer to author content and develop opinion pieces (such as Op-Med) and interviews.

5. Life in Medicine

Work-life balance is a universal subject across all industries and medicine is no exception. Articles about physician burnout, women in medicine, clinical wellness programs and even stories around disaster response are must-reads.

6. Specialties

Physician referrals rely on learning what other specialties are doing in their field. Topics such as obesity in children, colorectal cancer and treatments for neurodegenerative diseases receive high engagement.

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