Doximity’s Top Read Articles and Why Their Images Work

May 27, 2021 | Hospital Solutions

Images in a newsfeed environment are like the cover of a good book or a beautiful label on a bottle of wine. They can either catch the reader’s eye or blend into the background. So how do you make sure that your content jumps off the page? Our team took a look at the top-performing articles on Doximity this month to determine how imagery impacted their results.

Why the C.D.C Changed Its Advice on Masks - New York Times

Why it works: This article was blessed with a title that’s tough not to click on. We are all anxious for mask protocols to shift in a safe way. Additionally, a crowded New York City scene makes every reader wonder...are we headed back to normalcy? Whether or not we are, a thought-provoking image will make readers click through. This image is also a bit of a shift from the medical-focused images that are prevalent on Doximity.

I Thought I Could Be a School Nurse for 3 Days. It Was Harder Than I Thought: OpMed

Why it works: This image pops. It’s colorful, bright, and easily eye-catching, making it memorable and something you want to click on. Creating a focal point that draws your eye doesn’t just have to be with color. Consider using size (big vs. small), shape (geometric vs. organic), or typography to set your image apart.

No One Actually Knows if You’re Vaccinated - The Atlantic

Why it works: Like the other images in this series, this image jumps off the page as it’s not medical in nature and very bold and graphic. The human brain is hardwired to process visuals 60,000x faster than text, immediately allowing the reader to quickly digest what the post is about.

Women in health care are at a breaking point — and they’re leaving - 19th News

Why it works: This image evokes an emotion of empathy as a reader can immediately tell there is a patient temporarily being housed in a hallway for some sort of crisis situation. We want to learn why. The power of curiosity can sometimes power the best results.

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