Executing Your Post-Pandemic Plan

Jun 17, 2020 | Kaija Stern - Doximity Marketing Manager

COVID didn’t allow for much time for hospitals to plan out a specific strategy for care. It made them, instead, jump straight to execution. Fortunately, when it comes to a post-pandemic plan, there’s time to ensure your team is ready.

We’ve explored the strategy phase and have determined a course of action for execution that leads to success. Here’s what we recommend when diving into phase two:


Increase Referrals:

  • Reach out to external physicians with Colleague Connect®, letting them know that your organization is open and receiving patients. Inform them how you responded to the crisis and offer help, or try to engage in a conversation about the response. Focus on a “We’re in this together” mentality. 
  • Let others know about procedures that are “resuming” (i.e. all the services that were canceled, postponed, etc.) and that you are here to help their patients. 
  • Promote your service lines with DocNews® by highlighting innovative work done during the pandemic, clinical trials, or other relevant news. 
  • Highlight a physician who is currently accepting patients. 


Elevate Brand Awareness:

  • Work with your Colleague Connect® Featured Physicians to showcase COVID-related work from your institution: innovative treatment, clinical trials, or other relevant news. 
  • Promote virtual events and webinars on DocNews®.


Reach Patients:

  • Identify 50 physicians at your organization who are currently accepting patients across your top revenue-driving service lines. 
  • Discuss how to use Patient Connect to direct consumers to your scheduling channels with your Doximity team.
  • Offer Dialer Pro as a telemedicine solution for high revenue service lines.


It’s vital that your patients feel cared for and prepared when making appointments. Your physicians (and referring physicians) need to feel confident that your hospital is ready to get back to normal. Whatever your plan of attack after the pandemic, know that Doximity is here to help. And if you’re not quite ready for the execution phase, and instead need to focus more on phase one, check out how you can strategize for your post-pandemic plan.