Expanding Your Reach: The Answer To a Stronger Digital Presence

Mar 16, 2021 | Hospital Solutions

We all know that the healthcare consumer journey has changed, but why has it changed? New digital platforms have given patients more information, allowing them to play a powerful role in their medical decisions. Our industry is shifting from ‘doctors say/patient does’ to a ‘working partnership model.’


One critical moment in the healthcare consumer journey is the Research and Discovery stage. How can you be sure that those searching find you during their moment of need?


  • Ensure that marketing is at every step - It is essential to partner with all key patient-facing teams to ensure that the patient experience is solid throughout the care process. 

  • Utilize your hospital’s website - Your website does matter. During the past three years, hospital website utilization has increased substantially. Having content that performs well with consumers will only drive them closer to your hospital.

  • Highlight physicians at every point - Your doctors are your hospital’s product. Potential patients are researching them and trying to decide who will be the best fit. By highlighting their success, the decision-making process can seem less daunting. 

  • Expand your reach with third-party websites - Consumers will look to other websites to validate and confirm the information they find on your website. They may even start their search for the right provider outside of your website. 


When developing your online presence, consider demographic and generational differences. Younger generations may be more likely to conduct further research before deciding than older generations, who may prefer to book an appointment right away.  Additionally, certain demographics may choose a virtual visit vs. an in-person visit, so be sure you provide options for their selection.Regardless, ensure your providers can be found and offer a seamless scheduling experience tailored to your audience's specific needs.


The digital journey a patient goes through to find more information is different for everyone, but it does happen and cannot be avoided. Expanding your digital front door is the key to keeping your hospital system noticeable during that time. That is where Doximity Patient Connect comes into play, so that hospitals can have a greater reach. 

Be sure to check out the Patients Researching Specialists Webinar for further insights from Heidi Findlay (Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center) and Heidi Schulte (Doximity).