Finding Synergy With Your Agency and Doximity

Jan 02, 2020 | Hospital Solutions

Everyone is busy. Whether you’re a hospital marketer, work at an agency, or even here at Doximity. So how do you create synergy among your team to optimize and use your time wisely?

Each Doximity client has a dedicated Client Success Team. They’re here to help develop targeting, strategy, refine or create content, execute and monitor campaigns, and report findings. A quarter of these hospitals have their agency involved in their Doximity engagement. As more health systems are carving out specific teams focused solely on physician-facing marketing, we think it’s just the start. 


With both your agency and the Doximity team focused on the big picture, it can be a lot of cooks in the kitchen if everyone isn’t aligned. The combined effort is what makes engagement on Doximity and your physician-facing efforts stronger, more efficient, and more effective. Even when we are working toward a common goal of helping you achieve success, it can feel like we are working against each other if we aren’t in sync. 


One thing that has been proven to work well across the board are bi-weekly status calls. They’re an opportunity to discuss campaign planning, execution, and status. If your agency is not currently involved, consider bringing them to the conversation during content and planning discussions. You never know when a part of a discussion will yield your next big idea for:


  • Content ideas
  • Targeting 
  • Use case examples
  • Planning
  • Physician communications
  • Product updates and usage
  • Campaign evolution


For instance, the Client Success Team reads the latest editorial metrics and knows that news about female physicians performs well on the platform. If you’re in a meeting with players from every team, you can easily learn about a new female dean or head of a department and recommend promoting that on Doximity. If all teams aren’t in the room, the opportunity can easily be missed.


Each hospital incorporates their agency with Doximity differently. There’s no one clear structure that works best for all. That being said, there are some things we can all work on so we can avoid the missed opportunities:


  • Doximity:
    • Highlight calls that should include client leadership for decisions
    • Ensure all team members are included in email communication
  • Hospitals:
    • Keep your leadership in the discussion
    • Include Doximity in the planning conversation
  • Agencies:
    • Bring the client to the conversation
    • Remember the Client Success Team is here to help


Whether you’re working with an agency or not, team synergy should always be a top priority. To learn more about putting together an aligned team, watch our recent webinar featuring Amy Terrell. As the current AVP of Hospital Partnerships at Doximity and prior experience at both an agency and as a hospital marketer, she has a perspective from all three sides and shares best practices on how best to all collaborate as one. 

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