Four Important COVID-19 Lessons for Marketers

Nov 11, 2020 | Amy Ferguson - Doximity Senior Client Success Manager

There is not a word or any combination of words that can adequately sum up the impact COVID-19 has had on each of us and nearly every aspect of our lives. It’s an incredibly unique phenomenon that brought the entire world together and forced us to embrace uncertainty. This crisis has been devastating and ugly, but it has also provided an opportunity to strengthen our resiliency and learn several lessons along the way.  


Here are a few takeaways that our Client Success Managers have found noteworthy:


1. Plan, But Stay Nimble

As marketers, we can all appreciate the importance of an extensive marketing plan. Without a clear and strategic roadmap, you’re bound to lose direction and fall short of achieving your business goals.

At the same time, this pandemic has forced us to accept that we cannot possibly be prepared for every scenario that might occur. Therefore, it’s critical to remain nimble, know when it’s time to pivot, and maintain a certain level of comfort with ambiguity at all times. Plans are helpful, but flexibility is necessary. A good attitude and willingness to try new things has proven to be critical in meeting evolving needs during uncertain times such as these.


2. Embrace Digital Solutions

The digital train has left the station. Are you onboard? Throughout the pandemic, the internet has proven to be an essential tool. In a socially distant world, the significance of digital adoption has never been greater, as we are forced to shift vital components of our lives online. Digitalization has allowed families to keep in contact with their loved ones, physicians to treat patients remotely, students to continue their education, businesses to communicate with and deliver to their customers and so on. As we continue to see unparalleled digital adoption patterns in response to COVID-19, embrace digital transformation to maintain relevance within the healthcare space.


3. Strike the Right Tone

Of course, as marketers, we have always understood the importance of communication, but this pandemic has elevated its importance in a way we’ve never seen before. In an uncertain time such as this (and even without a global pandemic), it’s critical to be mindful in the construction of your messages. Ensure your communications are authentic, compelling, appropriate and pertaining to information that your audience (whether it be patients or physicians) are seeking out.  Never stop communicating.


4. Reaffirm Commitment

In the midst of all the chaos, it’s an excellent time to stop and reflect on your overall mission and goal. Several of our partners have used the Doximity platform to reaffirm their commitment to clinical excellence, to reassure referring physicians in their network about the steps taken to ensure patient safety, to share data in the spirit of collaboration in the battle against COVID-19, etc.  Don’t fall victim to the COVID-19 effort to distract from the core values of your physicians and facilities. 


When it comes to staying on top of technology, telemedicine is at the forefront. Patients especially have adopted it at an increasing rate since the pandemic started. To learn more about telemedicine has evolved, read our blog post How the Pandemic Has Supercharged the Use of Telemedicine.