How to Choose, Use, and Support Your Physician Ambassadors

Jul 28, 2022 | Kate Domin - Doximity Marketing Associate

Physician ambassadors can be a true extension of your marketing team and incredibly effective in building brand awareness, developing new referral relationships, and increasing patient volume. It’s important to consider who you want to work with, how you’ll use them, and how to support them throughout the process. 

Selecting a Physician Ambassador 

The first step in working with physician ambassadors is identifying potential candidates. Consider your marketing goals. Are you interested in generating brand awareness? Physicians who are well-established and highly regarded in their field would be a strategic choice. Are you focused on building patient volume? Think about working with physicians who are actively accepting new patients. Whoever you choose, ensure that they are enthusiastic about your organization and its initiatives.

Pro tip:  Find physician ambassadors who love the platforms you intend to use. Not only will they be more comfortable, but their excitement will help get others excited, too.  

When to Tap into Your Physician Ambassadors 

Physicians are trusted sources of clinical information. The message holds more credibility when patients or other physicians hear directly from them. Use this to your advantage! Whether on social media, in print, or in person at conferences and events, allow your physician ambassadors to use their voice to create authenticity. 

How to Support Your Physician Ambassadors  

Physicians are notoriously busy. When working with physician ambassadors, streamline the partnership to save them time. Be clear about expectations, especially time commitments. Physicians might not be as familiar with marketing terms and goals, so make sure to explain your strategy to your ambassadors. Physicians also respond to data – update them on your results so they can see the impact of their work. 

If you’re considering working with physician ambassadors, remember to consider the benefits to the physician in addition to the value for your campaign. For more information on how Doximity partners leverage physician ambassadors, check out our one pager.