How to Keep a Content Calendar on Track

Jun 23, 2021 | Hospital Solutions

We all know that a content calendar is key to developing thoughtful, strategic material for your audience. We’ve all also experienced pushing back dates and last-minute rushes to get what you need out the door. How can you keep your content calendar on track? We asked our team of healthcare marketers for their best advice.


Build Out Your Deadlines

It’s important to keep your eye on the deployment date, but in addition, make sure you build in content development milestones. You should even consider developing a project timeline that details the due dates for proofs, revisions, approvals, and expected launch date. Creating smaller goals along the way allows for time to send any materials to necessary parties, gather feedback, and conduct testing. 

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Consider Examples Before Diving In

No matter what platform you’re developing content for, ask to see examples. Often, a perceived lack of content can lead to missed deadlines or pushing back your calendar. Seeing what others are doing helps take the mystery out of the process. Ask your vendor what types of topics perform best. They’re the experts and can help generate a list of what will work for you.


Revisit (and Revise) Your Calendar

Make reviewing your deadlines a regular practice. A bi-weekly review of your content calendar could be the difference between a simple approval process and stressful, missed deadlines. Hiccups and unexpected challenges always come up, but by keeping deadlines in mind and revising your calendar accordingly, you can ensure your overall project timeline stays on track.


Track and Share ROI

Wherever you’re launching your content, be sure to understand the goals and the value of the program. Not only will it help you validate the campaigns, but it will help invigorate the content and motivate all parties to stay on track. A valuable campaign is something everyone can get behind. Added bonus: when a campaign pays for itself, your team is more likely to get additional resources!


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