How to Produce Results With Your Physician Marketing Campaigns

Based on Top-Performing Doximity Partners

Jul 26, 2021 | Hospital Solutions

The physician audience is notoriously difficult to reach. They’re busy and over-stimulated. So what can you do to ensure your physician marketing campaigns are producing results? Below is what our team sees trending from our top-performing partners.


Utilizing Physician Input

Often the best-performing pieces that we see on the Doximity platform are developed with the input of a physician or surgeon. They are your target audience, after all. They know how unique a procedure is or how impactful a research finding is. They often also have clinical images of the surgery taken by a robot or another surgical tool they used during a procedure.


The Right Kind of Imagery

Physician input brings us to our next point, the type of imagery you use can make or break your piece’s performance. We’ve said it time and time again, graphic, clinical images are what catch a physician’s eye. So even if you think an image is a bit much, it could be perfect for your upcoming article.


Implementing Compelling Headlines

Developing a headline for an article can be tricky. Consider what you’re trying to convey to your audience and how you can get a physician’s attention. Keeping it concise to get the point across works wonders, or using a medical writer for headline suggestions could be just the ticket. We’ve also seen teasers like VIDEO or PODCAST, questions in the headline like "is X the future of treatment for Y,” or compelling clinical headlines garner strong impressions.



Work with your team to strategize when you’re pushing out content, on what platforms, and to what audience. When developing your content journey, it’s essential to consider how each piece is working together to get your message across. Are you retargeting your audience from one component to another? When putting together your target audience, how specialized do you need to be? Geography, title, and specialty should be your minimum, but if you can drill down to referral size, age, languages spoken, or hospital affiliations, all the better.


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