How to Stand Out In a Crowded Market

Dec 18, 2020 | Amy Ferguson - Doximity Senior Client Success Manager

‘Tis the season for increased marketing efforts everywhere! 2020 is drawing to a close which means communication channels are more crowded than they have been all year. And Doximity is no different.


Like other social media platforms, our newsfeed congestion this time of year can be linked to the holidays (extra downtime with family equals extra time to catch up on your phone, which equals high engagement rates with digital content). But equally as responsible is survey season, which is just around the corner. Although surveys don’t often announce their timeline in advance, typically they launch within the first few months of the new year. This means it’s time for our partners interested in standing out to get busy.


As we buckle down to get the job done, it is important to stop and ensure your content stands apart from all the rest. Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, clinical trial recruiters, medical publications and more are all competing for the attention of the same physicians, that are critical to the success of their campaigns.


So how do we break through the noise and capture the attention of our audience?


These key tactics are tried and true. While this list is not all-inclusive, these consistently prove that it is possible to make a statement amidst the chaos.


Photos That Are Not for the Fainthearted

One of the first things you learn in Marketing 101 is the power of killer imagery in today’s modern marketing plan. It’s simple science: the human brain is hardwired to process visuals 60,000x faster than text, allowing for quick and efficient retention of information.


Since the users of Doximity are within the medical field, we already have a leg up in their interests and what will stand out to them. Images featuring physician-patient interaction shots, surgical instruments, microscopic cells from a tumor, etc. are all going to stand out on the platform. But why stop there?


Our data consistently shows that articles featuring images that may make some of us squeamish (open-heart surgeries or craniotomies), actually are the highest performers on Doximity. They’re not only educational, but they quickly grab a clinician’s attention and further increase a campaign’s likelihood of success across the board. So the more you might not want to look, the better!  


Don’t Be Too Marketing-y

When businesses bombard their audiences with blatantly flashy and promotional content, it can be a real turnoff. Time and time again, this strategy has proven ineffective in helping organizations obtain their business goals. Clear, straightforward content, on the other hand, is distinctive and seeks to provide real value to a clinical audience.


We work to curate content that physicians will actively seek out. We ensure that every content experience will be deemed as educational, interesting and relevant, and does not overtly advertise your facility, services, and/or physicians. With this strategy, we are drawing our audience in (not pushing them away with explicit marketing language) and building trust in your brand.


“First” or “Best” Headlines

Everyone wants to be the first or the best at what they do. And physicians are no different. So, when you’re developing content for your marketing channels, touting anything that was done before or better than others will make physicians want to learn more. It provides clinicians with invaluable content that can help them boost their careers and help patients.


Social Amplification

Developing and promoting content might seem like it’s the only way to get your message out to physicians. Luckily, there’s more you can do. Similar to other platforms, when a physician who has been targeted by a DocNews® campaign likes or comments on that piece of content in their newsfeed, it is then shared with their entire Doximity network. The content is distributed by appearing in their networks’ newsfeed as organic content. Engaging in social amplification improves marketing efforts and shares the work of your organization with the broader Doximity community. 


Encourage your physicians to be active on Doximity and on any platform you’re advertising on. By including your own affiliated physicians in your DocNews® campaigns, they can help extend your reach. And remember, if they’re active in other ways, it will only benefit your content. The more connections a physician has on Doximity, the stronger the social amplification will be. Encourage them to connect with former classmates, physicians they’ve trained with, colleagues, etc. prior to following the steps above.

Want to learn more about how to stand out? Make sure to reach out to your Client Success Team or contact us.