How to Strategize Your Post-Pandemic Plan

Jun 17, 2020 | Kaija Stern - Doximity Marketing Manager

Since the beginning of the crisis, Doximity has seen a surge in physician engagement, including a 60% increase in Newsfeed engagement and a 20x jump in Dialer usage, now up to over 1,000,000 calls a day. With this in mind, our team has developed an approach to help drive referrals to valuable service lines and build brand awareness specifically in the coming months. Planning a post-pandemic marketing strategy now will help put your best foot forward, and will be key to eliminating that long ramp-up period that sometimes comes with developing marketing plans.


We’ve developed two phases for post-pandemic success: Planning and Execution. Here’s how you can dive into phase one:


Pinpoint Your Goals:

1. Identify your top revenue-driving service lines that will increase volume to your organization. Questions you should be asking yourself are:
  • Are these in line with the goals our teams set out at the start of the year? 
  • Do we need to adjust?
2. Highlight community needs
  • Inform your surrounding community about your business hours, what you are doing to protect individuals, and how they can access health care within your organization. Make sure to include how to set up both future and same-day appointments, as well as walk-ins. Consider implementing Patient Connect as a strategy to drive traffic to your existing scheduling channels.


Establish Your Strategy:

1. Identify the best timeline for your organization
  • Should the campaign be 1, 3, 6 or 12 months?
2. Decide on your messaging
  • Content that was used amid the pandemic may no longer be relevant. You can and should remind individuals that you do more than just handle a crisis.
  • Connect with your Client Success Manager, take a look at your current content calendars, and revise the schedule as needed.
3. Identify physician champions
  • Clinicians have been front and center during this crisis, and have established trust within the community. How can you help to cultivate this? 
  • Are there any physicians that have emerged as leaders through the pandemic and can be a Featured Physician?


It is going to be vital for every hospital to get patients back in for regular visits. These steps for how to outline your strategy will help ensure that that happens. To learn about how to put your plan into practice, read our blog post Executing Your Post-Pandemic Plan.