How Videos Can Complement Your Content

Sep 28, 2021 | Carlie Cody - Director of Client Success

It’s a question we often get: “We have this great video; how can we use it on Doximity?” Luckily, we have the guidance you need. Adding video to your content truly enhances it and allows for a great introduction to the content itself. Your Client Success Team has abundant experience in adding videos into your sponsored content and how to place them for maximum enhancement.


Best Practices

We recommend embedding a video into your sponsored content. We will always add it under the headline to the top of the piece to entice your targeted audience. We recommend that they auto-play on mute since physicians are often reading on their smartphones between appointments while in clinic.

Length of the video matters too. The sweet spot is 60-90 seconds, so it’s best to edit down the original video. 


Other tips

  • Have a longer version of the video? We can always add a call-to-action below the video linking your target audience to the full-length version.
  • The more clinical or procedural based the video, the better.
  • Include any physicians mentioned in the content in the video.


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