Introduce your Physicians to the Power of OpMed

Aug 27, 2019 | Kaija Stern - Doximity Marketing Manager

With over a million verified clinician members on Doximity, we specialize in creating impactful moments to showcase your hospital on the Newsfeed. Sometimes, letting your own physicians lead the way can have the greatest effect. Started in 2018, OpMed, Doximity’s own publication that’s authored by practicing clinicians, provides a chance to reflect on experiences while navigating the world of medicine. Topics on OpMed, spanning from work-life balance to patient experiences, can organically lead to high engagement between physicians, resulting in new connections and larger networks.

Submissions to OpMed can also include content previously published to a personal blog and may even involve poetry and art in the Creativity in Medicine series. Physicians may submit pieces for OpMed at as a Word or Google document, ranging from 600-1000 words, along with their Doximity profile URL and a short one to two sentence biography. These stories are quite personal and heartfelt, resonating with readers in a way that only physicians could elicit from their peer group, leading to an incredibly active comment section.

Since its establishment, OpMed has been a sphere for physicians without any advertisements, instilling a deep trust in the platform and allowing for dynamic conversation between doctors. For a hospital marketing team, OpMed offers a unique platform in which to interact with physicians. It’s also complementary to other Doximity forms of outreach, like DocNews and Colleague Connect, as it continues to build upon brand recognition and network growth. OpMed also provides an opportunity for physicians to contribute to Doximity who perhaps aren’t part of a service line involved in a Doximity partnership. By helping to educate your physicians about OpMed, your team can increase engagement on the platform and empower new physician relationships.

In addition, OpMed pieces have the chance to be featured in Doximity’s weekly emails, which are viewed by thousands of physicians. For contributors, this is a chance for direct recognition from their peer group, as well as an opportunity for their voices to be heard. Introducing your physicians to OpMed can result in positive outcomes for both the individual physicians as well as the hospital as a whole.

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