Maximize Your Organic Content with Physicians

An Ochsner Health Case Study

Jul 24, 2020 | Hospital Solutions

With many competing priorities during the current climate, finding time to develop physician-facing content can be difficult. Our team often sees campaign pitfalls like: thinking you need brand new content, or content being too consumer-facing for use with physicians, but they know how to remedy them. In fact, there are many different ways you can get quick, thoughtful, and compelling content in front of your audience. 


One option: Doximity’s Press Boost allows hospital marketers to view high-performing organic content relevant to their institution or physicians and select specific articles to promote as DocNews® articles on the Doximity Newsfeed. We've taken the guesswork out of which content is going to perform well by selecting and suggesting content that has already performed exceedingly well with physicians. After selecting an article, our partners work closely with the Doximity team to amplify the content with the ideal audience to support their brand goals.


Ochsner Health wanted to increase brand awareness among physicians regionally and realized that content that was already performing well with their audience would do even better if amplified strategically to their target audience. After a highly read article was published in The Washington Post about how Ochsner physicians saved a young girl battling coronavirus, it performed extremely well organically with physicians on the Newsfeed, and was then recommended as a Press Boost candidate. Ochsner and Doximity worked together to target specific pediatricians, pediatric cardiologists, and rheumatologists within their regional geography.


The results paid off.

50% Impression Rate

(compared to 30-40% overall benchmark)


47% View Rate

(compared to 25-35% overall benchmark)


Not only does the data speak to Ochsner’s success with Press Boost, but moreover it reduced the client’s time selecting content, expedited the process from beginning to launch on the Newsfeed, and created certainty of the content’s ability to perform well.


To learn more about Press Boost, download the one pager.