That’s What Friends Are For

4 reasons why Doximity is a physician liaison’s best friend

May 25, 2022 | Amy Ferguson - Doximity Senior Client Success Manager

The COVID-19 pandemic was trying. For hospital staff, it was especially difficult. In navigating such unchartered waters, physician liaison partners wrestled to understand where and how they fit into the picture. How do we maintain and develop relationships with physicians when a) physicians are busier than ever before with patient care and b) face-to-face communication is no longer an option?


Desperate to not lose ties to their existing referrers or lose momentum in developing new relationships, hospital systems around the country came to Doximity wanting to leverage the platform. Over time, the results of physician engagement on Doximity proved that the platform needed to be a key element in their outreach strategy.  


Here are four reasons why Doximity’s solutions can be a physician liaison’s best friend. 


Unmatched Data 

No one has the power to engage physicians like Doximity. With more than 80% of all US physicians on our network, we know them intimately – and we know specifically how to get their attention. With all that valuable data, we help our partners make an immediate impact in their overall goals. Whether it be reducing leakage, generating new referrals or boosting brand reputation, our data allows you to align your message with the physicians who are most likely to have an affinity for your institution and physicians.


Extensive Access

With more than 2 million verified clinicians on the platform, we offer our partners unparalleled access to untapped markets outside of their geographic footprint. From the comfort of their computer, physician liaisons can facilitate introductions around the country, and develop new relationships for their clinicians with key audiences. When you partner with Doximity, we help you put the megaphone to your doctors’ mouths and amplify each of your physicians as the voice of your organization to their peers, both far and wide—no travel required!


Effortless Ambassador Program 

We know that most physicians are reluctant to buy into a hospital’s outreach program, for good reason. After all, physicians are focused on caring for patients. Colleague Connect®, a tool that allows your physician to serve as an ambassador for your hospital with minimal effort on the doctor’s part, combats that reluctance. Since this virtual handshake message is crafted by the Doximity and physician liaison teams, physicians don't need to sit through media trainings and seminars or write pages upon pages. The teams focus on writing a message that feels organic, which is ultimately very effective while requiring very little effort from ambassadors.


High-Value Content

At Doximity, our goal has always been to help physicians be more productive and provide the best care for their patients. With no traditional advertising on our platform, we aim to minimize the noise and amplify what’s medically important, leading to content experiences that physicians actively seek out. Each physician’s newsfeed on Doximity is unique, featuring targeted, compelling, clinical information that delivers real value as part of their day-to-day activities. Our Client Success Team works closely with each of our partners to ensure all sponsored content is medically relevant and tailored to the right clinical audience.