The Secret Sauce of Our Client Success Team

Mar 06, 2020 | Amy Ferguson - Doximity Senior Client Success Manager

Everything we do at Doximity is executed with physicians, clinicians and our partners in mind, including the construction of our Hospital Solutions Client Success (CS) team. Several members were specifically cherry-picked to join our team on account of their talent and experience in the healthcare industry. In fact, our team has a combined 60+ years of experience working in the hospital marketing and physician relations space.  

Which means … we’ve been there. 

We’ve dropped off promotional pens, chapsticks, and mousepads to physician offices in hopes to develop a relationship and generate referrals. We shifted dollars into digital advertising and physicians thought their marketing disappeared. We’ve prayed that our fancy, high-priced billboard advertisements would result in an influx of new patient growth. We know first-hand how competitive the healthcare landscape is, the ever-growing pressure to continually increase volume and the roadblocks that keep hospitals from doing so.  

That’s where we come in. 

When a hospital marketing team partners with Doximity, they are paired with one of our experienced Client Success Managers (CSMs), with whom they are connected for the duration of the partnership. And this is where the magic happens. Because we have first-hand experience navigating through the complicated waters of healthcare marketing, we are uniquely equipped to empower our partners to overcome challenging roadblocks to ultimately achieve their physician marketing goals. Consider your CSM as your own personal physician communication expert.

It begins with a deep understanding of your priorities. Once we have identified a specific definition of success, your CSM will use his or her expertise to strategically map out a plan designed to achieve your specific goals across the Doximity platform. 

Our combined success in achieving these goals hinges on two key components: content and targeting, both of which your CSM will fine-tune along the way.  



We are not interested in bombarding physicians with advertisements in hopes that our message sticks. Instead, we design content experiences that physicians value and actively seek. Your CSM will guide you in identifying and sourcing high-value content likely to resonate with physicians, which could include: 

  • Optimizing your hospital’s existing B2B assets  
  • Repurposing consumer-facing content for a physician audience
  • Curating new content based on a published study, a physician interview, etc.
  • Producing an engaging, animated DocSpot featuring your existing assets 



Because Doximity is the largest medical network out there, we have the richest data set in the industry which allows us to pinpoint physicians like never before. In mapping out the target audience of your campaigns, your CSM will partner with our data science team to precisely target the right folks for maximum impact. With this approach, we’ve witnessed our partners experience some of the highest view and open rates of their careers. 


Like what you hear? Let our highly intelligent and industry-experienced team help you and your colleagues find enjoyment in achieving your business goals. 

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