Three Things We Learned From Susan Meier, Brand Expert

Mar 16, 2022 | Hospital Solutions

Telling one cohesive brand story should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy. When developing your brand from scratch, acquiring a new one, or rebranding entirely, that can sometimes look like an uphill battle. We hosted a webinar, Breaking Into a New Market, with brand expert Susan Meier to learn where to get started and how to make the most significant impact.


Susan, Founder and Principal of Susan Meier Studio, specializes in using customer insights to drive strategic focus. She breaks down a company's value proposition in the way that matters most to customers, develops visually effective communications to articulate the value proposition, and helps brand sales teams tighten the story and deliver it effectively.


Here are the top three things we learned from her.


Know Your Audience

Identify your customer and keep their interests paramount. Consider what's truly important so that you can articulate what problems you can solve for them. Speak directly to them with clear messaging and a consistent tone of voice. Not sure who you should be targeting or what’s important to them? Survey different demographics to find out what you could be doing better and how they perceive your brand, then adjust accordingly. Cut through the clutter with precise, targeted messaging by using a data-driven, informed approach.


Know Yourself

Consumers are inundated with countless brand names and an immense amount of touchpoints. Now, more than ever, is it vital to make your brand and purpose stand out. What are your core values and strengths? What does your brand stand for and how are you different from others? Whatever it is, define your core messaging and be bold— stand out. If you're marketing multiple brands, determine which one is stronger and move forward with one unique story and purpose. What’s more, identify ambassadors in your organization who can tell your story in meaningful ways across thought leadership, events, and conferences.


Know Your Promise

Once you’ve determined who you are and what matters to you, articulate what you can uniquely deliver on that's important to your constituents. Identify all of the essential elements of your brand through establishing your brand pillars and how they weave into your story. How is it recognizable? Does all of your messaging work together, or is it disjointed? Ensure that everyone on your team has a clear understanding of each element. Consider how your team is organized. With so many groups working together, it’s easy for your brand to get diluted so keep your teams aligned and hold regular meetings to stay synced.


Want to learn more? Curious about how Doximity can help you achieve your branding goals? Check out our webinar, Breaking Into a New Market.