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Dec 18, 2019 | Hospital Solutions

1. Client Spotlight: Utilizing Best Practices

UofC Medical Center

The Chicago healthcare market is competitive. With so many top-ranked hospitals located within the city limits or in nearby suburban communities, how does one stand out in a market with so many options?

2. Are the Wrong Visuals Hurting Your Marketing Efforts?

Visuals in Healthcare Marketing

Some marketers have it easy when it comes to punctuating their content with the right visuals. Lots of industries (think: retail and travel) lend themselves to dynamic photography and engaging illustrations.

3. Content Calendars: The Roadmap to Success

Woman Writing at White Board

The average physician sees 4,000 - 10,000 digital ads each day. How can you be sure that the content you’re putting out there catches the attention of the right physicians?

4. The Rise of Digital Spending in Healthcare Marketing

Digital Graphs on iPad

Digital spend in hospital marketing is on the rise. But why? And what are the pros and cons of digital vs. traditional marketing?

5. A Day in the Life of Olivia Huston

Olivia Huston

Ever wondered what your Client Success Manager does all day? We followed Olivia Huston, our San Francisco based CSM, who works with Keck Medicine of USC, UCLA, and UCSD, among others, to give you a glimpse into her daily routine.