Unlocking Patient Adoption

Why Marketing Your Digital App to Doctors is the Key

May 25, 2023 | Brinn Delleman - Doximity Marketing Director

Digital apps have revolutionized the healthcare industry, providing patients convenient access to information, resources, and tools to manage their health. Achieving high patient adoption rates can take time, as patients are often overwhelmed by a plethora of health-related apps vying for their attention. How can digital health companies effectively increase patient adoption and engagement with their apps? The answer may lie in establishing buy-in from doctors as key stakeholders in the process.

Why Marketing to Doctors Matters:
As some of the most trusted medical professionals, clinicians can be pivotal in influencing patients' health-related decisions, including which digital health apps they use. Research shows that patients are more likely to adopt and use a digital app if recommended or endorsed by their clinician. 

Doctors have firsthand knowledge of patients' health conditions, treatment plans, and healthcare goals, making them well-positioned to recommend relevant digital apps that complement a patient's care. Doctors can also help educate patients about the benefits of using digital health apps, address any concerns or questions, and provide personalized guidance on effectively using the app to improve their health outcomes.

The Power of Clinician Endorsements:
One of the most effective ways to market your digital app to doctors is through peer-to-peer endorsements. By collaborating with clinicians and providing them with the necessary resources, training, and incentives, digital health organizations can harness the power of clinician endorsements to drive patient adoption.

Clinicians can provide endorsements of apps in-person during patient consultations, via referrals through electronic health record (EHR) systems, or even through written reviews on the organization's website or marketing materials. On Doximity, doctors can promote an app through secure, direct physician-to-physician messaging. An added benefit of an endorsement on Doximity is that it comes attached to a full physician profile with education and credentials, enhancing the validity of the endorsement. These messages can highlight an app's features, benefits, and patient success stories, creating a compelling case for other physicians to become brand fans.

Lessons Learned from a Leading Healthcare Organization:
Great results aren’t just seen on Doximity. Providence, a leading healthcare organization, has successfully leveraged clinician endorsements to drive digital adoption among pregnant patients. By partnering with Wildflower Health, a digital health company, Providence integrated a pregnancy-specific digital app into their clinical workflow, empowering clinicians to recommend it to their pregnant patients.

The results were remarkable. Providence witnessed a significant increase in patient adoption and engagement with the digital app, resulting in improved patient satisfaction, better patient outcomes, and increased loyalty to the healthcare organization. The clinician endorsements were critical in building trust, overcoming patient barriers to adoption, and driving meaningful patient engagement.

Marketing your digital app to clinicians can be a powerful strategy to improve patient adoption and engagement. Clinicians can encourage patients to make health-related decisions and motivate them to adopt digital health apps. By leveraging clinician endorsements and increasing clinician awareness, digital health organizations can unlock the full potential of their app, drive patient engagement, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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