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We combine access to more verified physicians than anyone else with a deep, data-driven understanding of how to talk to them. We provide an unmatched ability to reach the physicians most important for strategic goals in the most effective ways possible.

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Our solutions work together to help healthcare marketers reach physicians with the goal of increasing their brand awareness, patient referrals, and revenue generation.


Native sponsored content on the Doximity newsfeed that allows organizations to reach physicians to achieve their brand awareness, revenue generation, and patient acquisition goals.

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Colleague Connect®

Our direct, physician-to-physician messaging platform allows marketers to leverage the most powerful search in healthcare to pinpoint their ideal audience.

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Patient Connect

Drive high-value, specialty patient traffic from Doximity and U.S. News & World Report directly into your preferred scheduling channels.

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Dialer Enterprise

Doximity’s simple, secure telehealth solution enables hospitals and health systems to grow their telehealth offering through a full feature set delivered across mobile, desktop, and tablet.

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There’s been heavy focus on traditional channels like Facebook and LinkedIn, and what we found is that you spend a lot of money and go through a lot of leads until you finally find your target audience. It was becoming expensive and taking more time, so there’s been this shift to getting more laser-like focus in the channels where our specialties are currently active. So you think about physician networks like Doximity. We’ve been in partnership with Doximity for almost a year now and have had a high level of success.

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