12 Content Ideas to Power Your Physician Marketing

Great content is what powers marketing programs. But, sometimes, it can be challenging to brainstorm fresh and engaging content ideas. We've curated a list of 12 topics on Doximity that have...

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Insights from Our Team's Latest Reads

What better way to start the year than rounding up a list of thought-provoking articles our team can’t stop talking about? Take a closer look at articles from Becker’s, Medium, and more. 

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Sharing the Secrets of Successful Healthcare Brands

Developing and telling a cohesive brand story is not always an easy task. Layer on complications like brand changes, acquisitions, or rebrands, and the challenge can intensify. Luckily, branding...

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Year in Review

As we say goodbye to 2023 and dive into 2024, we’re looking back at some of our favorite product updates over the past year. From platform-wide updates to Hospital Solutions product enhancements,...

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Getting Ready for U.S. News Survey Season

As we head into the new year, we inevitably get a lot of questions about U.S. News and World Report’s annual expert opinion survey, a component of their Best Hospitals rankings process. We’ve...


Optimizing Content Based on Physician Learning Preferences

Unfortunately, burnout, information overload, and provider siloing are the modern physician’s reality. Physicians face increasingly high expectations of care. A recent study published in the Journal...

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Mastering Your Second Year on Doximity

Last month, we shared some foundational tips for succeeding as a first-year marketing partner on Doximity. Now, we’re taking it one step further and sharing key tips our experts have for a partner...

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The Physician Journey

Doximity is a platform designed for physicians by physicians. So, it’s no surprise that Doximity has tools that meet physicians at every stage of their careers and every step of their journeys. We...

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New Features Physicians Love on Doximity

Doximity is built for physicians by physicians. It’s why, aside from the iPhone, clinicians have never adopted a piece of technology faster than Doximity. While you’re probably pretty familiar with...

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4 Tips for Success as a First-Year Partner

Any time you embark on a new platform or a new strategy, it can be overwhelming. The energy is flowing, and it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of what’s possible. That said, it’s important...

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What You Missed at HLTH 2023

Last month, our team gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the annual HLTH conference, an exciting, innovative healthcare event. With over 100 sessions, we could never recap the entire affair. But, we...

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The Non-Clinical Topic That’s Capturing Physician Attention on Doximity

While the vast majority of content on Doximity is clinical, there has been an increasing interest in additional topics, including medical business content. One way to see what topics are resonating...

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Doing More With Less With HCIC Insights

The annual Healthcare Internet Conference is a team favorite at Doximity. Hosted in Los Angeles, CA, the conference featured an incredible lineup of industry experts and thought leaders. One major...


Chronic Illness Specialists Lead the Way in Telemedicine Adoption

It has been over three years since the start of the pandemic and telemedicine continues to evolve and impact how we deliver and receive medical care. Doximity’s 2023 State of Telemedicine Report...

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6 Small Headline Tweaks That Speak to Physicians

Your headline is the first impression a viewer gets on your content. It’s the first (and possibly only) thing a viewer will read. It’s your opportunity to entice and intrigue, providing context and...

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How Your Own Physicians Can Be Your Superpower

We get questions all the time from partners who want to supercharge their impact on Doximity. There are a lot of tips we’ve shared, from creating killer content to strategic deployment and much more....

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Understanding the Patient Journey

Over 12 million patients search for doctors monthly on U.S. News and Doximity, and 77% of them are seeking specialists. We’re taking a deeper look into what a typical patient search process looks...


Becker’s 2023 Health IT Annual Meeting

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and healthcare IT (HIT), digital health (DH), and revenue cycle management (RCM) are at the forefront of these changes. The 8th Annual Becker's HIT +...

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Cracking the Code to Physician-Centric Content Strategy

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare marketing, connecting with physicians is paramount. Doximity, the professional network for medicine, offers a unique avenue to engage with this audience....

Inbound Conference 2023

3 Tips to Level Up Your Digital Marketing

Our team lives and breathes digital marketing, so we were eager to attend HubSpot’s annual INBOUND conference in Boston, MA. The industry-agnostic event hosted over 12,000 attendees with deep-dive...


Report Reveals the How and How Often Physicians Use Telemedicine

As physicians increasingly adopt telemedicine to deliver accessible and efficient care, Doximity’s 2023 State of Telemedicine Report provides valuable insight into how this vital element of...

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The Importance of Physician Marketing

Healthcare is a very complex industry with lots of important players and moving pieces. However, physicians continue to be the heart of our healthcare system. Not only are physicians charged with the...


The Inside Scoop on Top-Performing Content on Doximity

Doximity is the platform where doctors stay up to date on medical news. So, we have unique insights into what clinical content is resonating with physicians. In fact, we have an entire team dedicated...

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Unleashing the Power of Physician Bios

In the digital age, patients increasingly turn to online resources to research and choose healthcare providers. Google searches have become a common starting point, and physician bios are vital to...

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Repurposing Content Across Channels

An important part of effectively communicating with your audience is creating content that is both interesting and relevant to them. The content creation process can be time-consuming and expensive,...

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What Our Team is Reading

Our team strives to stay up to date on healthcare industry trends, and that means consulting a variety of sources. We love to share helpful articles among our team on Slack and thought it would be...

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How to Identify Content Strong Enough to Reuse

As marketers, we understand the fundamental principle that it takes more than one touchpoint to get your message across. In fact, the widely accepted “rule of seven” suggests that it takes at least...

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Why Brand Marketing Matters

There’s an age-old discussion among marketers about the benefits of brand versus performance marketing. While performance marketing gained popularity for its measurability, recently industry leaders...

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Gen Z Healthcare Trends to Watch

Healthcare has always been an evolving industry, with new technologies and trends shaping how we access and receive care. As we continue into 2023, it's clear that Gen Z is poised to be a major force...

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3 Ways to Use Your Doximity Dashboard Like a Pro

The Doximity dashboard is a one-stop resource for our partners. From program status reports to trending topics and so much more, the dashboard is filled with valuable information and turnkey tools...


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