6 Tips to Identify and Nurture Deep Engagers

Aug 23, 2022 | Kristen Nelson - Doximity Director of Client Success

As a Director of Client Success at Doximity, my clients are not only interested in reaching physicians, but building a base of deep engagers who have the potential to become long-term brand allies or valuable referrers. From my experience over the past four years, these six tactics will help identify and nurture a strong relationship with your audience that will last for years.



  1. Strategic Targeting: Identifying the right clinicians for your campaign is the first step in creating deep engagers.  Consider not only who you want to reach, but who will be most interested in your content. Criteria like specialty, geography, and career stage all factor into a physician’s likelihood to engage with certain content. At Doximity, once you’ve identified your audience, our proprietary Ally and Referral models can help refine your target list by evaluating the determined targeting criteria and additional data points to provide the most valuable clinicians to reach.

  2. Meaningful Content: Physicians recognize advertisements instantly. It’s important to select platforms and vendors that will help reach physicians with quality placements, not just quantity. Doximity centers on creating content experiences with sponsored posts and direct messages, rather than relying on banner ads. Valuable content that is physician-centric, specific, and clinical helps you cut through the clutter and make your brand stand out. When possible, include engaging videos, articles authored by physicians, and podcasts. 

  3. Content Journey: We’ve said it before: great content is only one piece of the puzzle. A content journey can amplify the impact of your content and create meaningful engagement with clinicians. The structure of your content journey should differ based on your goals. For example, if you’re looking to build brand awareness, start with multiple campaigns of general awareness content and follow up with direct messaging that digs deeper into your brand. If you’re hoping to grow patient volume, start by establishing a direct connection with potential referrers and keep your brand top-of-mind with regular campaigns. Regardless of your goal, by targeting physicians with multiple strategic campaigns, you are increasing the likelihood that clinicians will engage with your content and build relationships with your physicians, therefore increasing brand awareness and referral opportunities.


  1. Retargeting Engaged Clinicians: When you win over a physician, you can build a relationship that lasts for years. In order to foster that relationship, continue to retarget engaged clinicians over the years. While we do recommend including new clinicians in your campaigns, this strategy deepens the engagement of those who are seeking out your brand, and prioritizes those who are most likely to recommend or refer to your system.

  2. Specific Headlines: As you build deep engagers, you will likely recognize trends within the population and the content that really resonates with them. Customize your headlines and content towards your loyal audience and those most familiar with your brand. At this point, focus on content that is more detailed and highlights unique and compelling offerings.

  3. Personal Touch: Your highly engaged users are the most likely to derive value out of a personalized message. These physicians are seeking a way to further connect with your brand, whether through an event invitation, a webinar, or a message from leadership. Consider personalizing the subject line and message, and if you can, finish with a flexible call to action.