Doximity Dialer Enterprise Insights from Becker’s 2022 Health IT Annual Meeting

Oct 25, 2022 | Dialer Enterprise

This October, the Doximity Dialer Enterprise team joined more than 2,500 health technology leaders at Becker’s Health IT + Digital Health + RCM Annual meeting in Chicago, IL. Not only was it a beautiful few days in Chicago catching up with colleagues, we also gained some insightful learnings and had some entertaining moments. 


Fritz Hofheinz, Vice President and GM Telehealth Solutions 

“It was such a pleasure talking to other physicians and colleagues about how we can use technology to better serve physicians and their patients. One topic that surfaced in many panel discussions and one-on-one conversations was physician burnout. It’s apparent that frictionless, easy to use technology is crucial to helping physicians improve their productivity, reduce their administrative burden, and most importantly, spend more time with their patients.”


Aaron Kornetzke, Vice President of Strategy Telehealth Solutions 

“From my conversations at the conference, it’s evident that health system leaders are excited about the potential for new, digital tools to improve the way we care for patients. One key theme across conversations was the need for technologies that are flexible and can support clinical workflows as they change and optimize over time. Tools that support rapid iteration will be critical for health systems as they build out the care delivery models of the future.”


Reba Schenk, Vice President Telehealth Solutions

“It was a special week being able to connect again in person with so many of our friends and partners. Our conversations and the conference sessions highlighted continued innovation and new emerging use cases for digital and mobile medicine. It was clear that telehealth continues to be a primary method for delivering care and that voice only visits are a necessary component of any strategy especially for reaching underserved patient populations. It was particularly inspiring to hear about creative approaches in delivering care to those experiencing homelessness through optimized voice calling.”


Matt O’Bannon, Sr. Director Client Success

“It’s incredibly gratifying to have streams of providers approach us at conferences to share their appreciation for Doximity Dialer. It was such a critical resource for them during the height of the pandemic, and they continue to find it an indispensable, versatile tool as they adapt to the evolving patient care environment. Dialer’s ability to make connections between providers and patients simple and reliable has earned an enthusiastic user base.”


And for the fun part – the team agrees a visit at the Doximity booth by boxing legend, Sugar Ray Leonard was a real knockout!