Impress Your C-Suite in Three Steps

May 21, 2021 | Amy Ferguson - Doximity Senior Client Success Manager

How nice would it be if there was a universal checklist all working professionals could reference in successfully impressing C-suite level executives? Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist. But, over the years, as our team has worked with hundreds of marketers across the country, we have identified key patterns from our partners that have proven to continually impress those at the top. 

If you’re looking to take your healthcare marketing career to the next level, consider practicing the fundamentals below to truly shine.

  1. Prepare to Explain the “Why”
    Equally as important as marketing your services, technologies, and physicians is how you go about “marketing the marketing” to key stakeholders interested in your contribution to the business. When our partners are presenting their team’s value to the C-suite, they are most likely showcasing everything they’ve accomplished within a certain timeframe and how it aligns with the organization’s overall goals. Often, a physician or CEO will want to take the discussion one step further to better understand why a specific tactic was chosen (perhaps your team strategically moved away from outdoor billboards to more targeted and trackable tactics like Doximity). Our Hospital Solutions Client Success team is always available to help guide our partners with those conversations in explaining how our solutions work to achieve their physician and consumer marketing goals.

  2. Demonstrate ROI
    Perhaps the “why” is a simple presentation of the return on investment resulting from your team’s business decisions. Ensure you’re investing in campaigns and platforms that allow you to track the difference. At Doximity, we have solutions to help our partners acquire new patients and develop new referral patterns from both regional and national providers. On average, our partners see a 13:1 ROI return when they partner with our Hospital Solutions team.

  3. Go Across the Business
    As a healthcare marketer, you know that marketing works best when it’s fully integrated into all aspects of the business: operations, strategy, information technology, etc. So don’t shy away from raising your hand to become involved with various business components outside of marketing. It might be going above & beyond your job description, but it will reap several benefits in the long run. Your ability to operate outside of your area of expertise makes you a key player and valuable asset to the organization. Further, insight into the behind-the-scenes inner workings of the hospital will allow you to ensure your team is promoting a brand experience that matches what referring physicians and patients experience.

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