Our Most Successful Partners Have Mastered These 6 Things

Nov 23, 2020 | Amy Ferguson - Doximity Senior Client Success Manager

Doximity provides hospitals across the country with an opportunity to share their greatest achievements within a trusted environment. Healthcare systems big and small are pushing out valuable content experiences that physicians actively seek out on a platform they are already utilizing within their practice. We’ve noticed a few common themes among our clients who have had new patient referral patterns and significant improvement in national and regional performance awards.


They all have mastered the art of the six strategies below.  


 Getting More Bang for Their Buck

In life, there are few things greater than receiving more than what you paid for, right? That’s exactly the mindset our clients have when going after social amplification, an event that occurs when a targeted physician likes or comments on a piece of content, which is then shared with their entire Doximity network as organic content. That means your article is potentially collecting additional eyeballs on our platform for no additional charge. Our Client Success team has a handful of tips and tricks to help all of our partners extend their reach and get more bang for their buck. Reach out to them to get started.


Advanced Retargeting

Doximity’s advanced retargeting capabilities are a real game changer in winning over key physicians to move the needle. Our partners strategically use this unique feature to guide engaged physicians through a comprehensive content journey to keep the conversation going, eliminate lead leakage and drive new referral streams that could last a lifetime. This repetitive approach is proven to increase campaign conversions while establishing deeper relationships with the most engaged physicians. On average, campaigns utilizing this approach have results up to 15% higher than our average benchmarks.


Utilizing Doximity’s Team of Medical Writers

Generally speaking, a typical hospital marketing team is mainly focused on appealing to the consumer directly. That means the majority of their content is patient-facing, featuring simple and “fluffy” marketing language and feel-good patient stories. Marketing directly to physicians, however, requires an entirely different approach. With their crazy demanding schedules, they are a notoriously difficult audience to reach and their attention can only be captured with highly advanced, clinical and scientific content, which oftentimes our hospital partners simply do not have.


Enter Doximity’s team of medical writers. For no additional cost, our partners can tap into the expertise of this team to transform their patient-facing materials into compelling, appropriate pieces for the physician audience on our platform.


Carefully Selecting Featured Physicians

Our Colleague Connect® product allows Featured Physicians to make new connections with other physicians all across the country to reach both brand awareness and patient acquisition goals. While the majority of the work is executed on our end, there is a very small amount of lift on the physician’s part to ensure these campaigns are successful. Therefore, it’s critical to select physicians who can be counted on to participate.  Which physician champions have supported your marketing efforts in the past? Who is eager and can serve as a leader and ambassador for your facility?


Once the Featured Physicians have been identified, our team will be ready to help onboard them, set expectations, etc. This video is a great place to start!


Year Round Exposure

Partners who see the most success from their Doximity campaigns utilize a year-round approach, where they strategically deploy content quarterly (sometimes monthly) throughout the year. While it is important to be top-of-mind in the months leading up to survey season (especially if you are brand awareness focused), our data consistently shows that maximizing your audience throughout all 12 months of the year leads to better results. Be sure to work with our Client Success team to visualize how your content will be developed throughout the year. We love a good strategy session to knock out the nitty-gritty details of campaign execution.


Leaning on the Client Success Team

Each person we welcome to our Client Success team is specifically cherry-picked on account of his or her experience in the hospital marketing and physician relations space. We know first-hand how competitive the healthcare landscape is, the ever-growing pressure to continually increase volume and the roadblocks that keep hospitals from doing so.


And that means we are uniquely equipped to empower our partners to overcome these challenges and ultimately achieve their physician marketing goals. So, heavily lean on your Client Success team and don’t be afraid to ask us for guidance. We can help with just about anything. Come to us for help with:


  • Ensuring your DocNews® content is relevant and will stand out on the newsfeed
  • Selecting your ideal target audience
  • Direction on how many targets to use on a particular piece of content
  • Refreshing your physicians’ data on Doximity
  • Creating engaging 20-30 second videos with your pre-existing assets
  • Encouraging your physicians to engage with content on Doximity
  • Identifying ideal Featured Physicians for Colleague Connect®
  • Motivating your physicians to register their Doximity profile


Consider us your own personal physician communication expert. 


Want to learn more about how you can help your campaigns go above and beyond their full potential? Contact us.