The Inside Scoop on Top-Performing Content on Doximity

Aug 21, 2023 | Amy Ferguson - Doximity Senior Client Success Manager

Doximity is the platform where doctors stay up to date on medical news. So, we have unique insights into what clinical content is resonating with physicians. In fact, we have an entire team dedicated to analyzing hundreds of thousands of articles on the Doximity newsfeed to identify what content is most useful and interesting to physicians. We synthesize them into common, recurring themes across all specialties that we share with our hospital partners on our trending topics landing page to use as a guide in cranking out relevant and highly valuable content. 

In analyzing some of last quarter’s top-performing content, we identified a handful of common themes across the board. Keep these three ideas in mind as you plan content for your next Doximity campaign.

  • Podcasts

Podcasts are quickly becoming a popular medium among physicians. Podcasts are convenient and versatile. They allow listeners to easily and quickly access insightful information. Since 2022, we’ve seen our hospital partners deploy 50% more podcast content, a testament to the growing trend. Hospitals are often some of the best sources of medical information, and it’s becoming popular to see a hospital-hosted podcast or a key opinion leader as a featured podcast guest. You can embed snippets within your content, quote from a podcast interview, or link to a full episode. The results speak for themselves – articles that include “podcast” in the headline consistently outperform Doximity benchmarks. 

  • Third-Party Content 

Deploying curated messages developed by an outside third-party can be an excellent strategy. For example, maybe New York Times Health cites your organization’s research in an article. Consider highlighting that content on Doximity. The new perspective from a credible source will help to build trust and enhance your organization’s reputation among physicians on the platform.  High-quality, relevant material can be excerpted, linked, or re-posted as a standalone article on the newsfeed (with proper attribution).

  • Repurposed Content

It often takes several touchpoints for your message to stick, so don’t hesitate to refresh your top-performing content. Repurposed content can perform just as well the second time around. Save your team time by reusing content for the same, similar, or even a completely different audience depending on your strategy. Refresh your content by tweaking the title, updating the visuals and/or weaving in fresh quotes. Be sure to incorporate any relevant trending topics where possible for an extra boost. 

Now that you’re inspired to take your content game to the next level, check out our quarterly collection of top-performing articles to learn which marketing programs are receiving the most engagement from physicians on Doximity. Leverage the tips and tricks on this page, align your content with best practices, and see if you earn a spot on this page next quarter!