3 Ways to Use Your Doximity Dashboard Like a Pro

Insights from our Client Success Webinar

Jun 28, 2023 | Client Success Expert

The Doximity dashboard is a one-stop resource for our partners. From program status reports to trending topics and so much more, the dashboard is filled with valuable information and turnkey tools that can streamline your efforts on Doximity. 

Last month, two of our expert client success managers (CSMs) hosted a webinar on leveraging the Doximity dashboard to its fullest potential. In case you missed it, here are their top three insights. 

  1. See what’s driving results.

    The dashboard is a great place to view the results of programs to see what is working. From the main page, you can navigate to either the DocNews® or Colleague Connect® section to view any completed programs. Clicking on the “view” button next to the individual program will download an in-depth report.

    Additionally, the new Content Hub feature will allow you to explore top-performing DocNews® articles by specialty. These two strategies can help you identify trends among your programs and potentially determine which content is strong enough to repurpose in the future.

    Pro tip: Repurposed marketing programs are 26% faster to launch and have the same view rate on average. Save time and achieve strong results with a repurposed program. 

  2. Get physician insights.

    The Press Boost tool is a hidden gem on the dashboard. Not only can you see what articles are currently trending among physicians on Doximity (overall or filtered by specialty), but you can also find organic news about your institution that’s trending on the platform. With the click of a button, you can send a request to your CSM to deploy that content as a sponsored post.

    Pro tip: Press Boost leverages trending organic news to streamline the creation and deployment of sponsored content.

  3. Quickly share content with stakeholders.

    Another benefit of the new Content Hub is the ability to show stakeholders all deployed content with one shareable link. Gone are the days of screenshotting deployed content and formatting into a document. Whether you’d like to remind your C-Suite of the plethora of clinical content you’re sharing with physicians or show your internal physicians what content works best on Doximity, you can share the Content Hub link as you see fit.

    Pro tip: You can share the Content Hub link with anyone, regardless of whether they have Doximity Dashboard access, allowing them to explore past DocNews content. 

For more tips and tricks on how to use your Doximity dashboard, watch the webinar recording here.