10 Reasons Why Hospital Marketers (& Physicians) Love Doximity

Feb 26, 2020 | Hospital Solutions

February is a time to share and spread the love with those around you. We’re definitely feeling the love here at Doximity. We’re just so proud of our team and are glad hospital marketers and physicians are noticing, that we had to share.

  1. It has been wonderful working with our Doximity team so far.  Their responsiveness, answers/information they provide, and overall efficiency with the way they work has already led to a strong partnership in such a short amount of time, and we very much appreciate it. We look forward to continuing to work with them.
    - Hospital Marketer from an academic medical center on the East Coast 
  2. I love it. I have had it forever. You can input your office number and you can call any patient from your cell phone and your office number comes up in their caller ID  instead.
    - Physician of Urology on the East Coast
  3. Our ideas are actually used, and we actually see some of them in some of the new product delivery, and we respect and appreciate that.
    - Donny Lawrence, Vice President of Business Development for Ochsner Health System
  4. Our physicians have been so impressed with Doximity.  They’ve been very grateful for the opportunities and doors that have opened with these amazing relationships that we have created down to referral patterns.
    - Kristen Gerlach, Program Manager of Strategic Physician Communications at Cancer Treatment Centers of America
  5. Thank you so much for coming up with all of these super cool options for physicians. I'm a huge Doximity Dialer advocate and have been loving the direct to voicemail beta feature. I am honestly so excited about the changes Doximity is making and cannot wait to start using one-way texting. I've been waiting for this feature and it's going to save me so much time.
    - Physician of Obstetrics & Gynecology on the West Coast
  6. The feedback that we get from the physicians in our organization about Doximity is, “How can we do more?  How can we get more content out? How can we let people know more of what City of Hope is doing?”
    - Rob Baughman, Vice President of Marketing and Digital Channels for City of Hope
  7. We’re impressed by how simple it was to get the Patient Connect program up and running and even more impressed by the results we’re seeing. What are your suggestions on a renewal and expansion of the program?
    - Marketing Manager at an academic medical center in the South
  8.  I'm pleasantly surprised by this Colleague Connect® campaign! I've received 18 replies and dozens of positive responses. The approach our team took was polite and professional and it paid off!
    - Surgeon in Chief for the Department of Surgery at large health system on the East Coast
  9. After we get a connection from Colleague Connect® campaigns we have our physician liaisons reach out and continue that communication.  Because of that, we’ve made some strong new relationships through luncheons, referrals, etc. Colleague Connect® has been really helpful with opening doors for our physicians and creating new referral relationships.  Also, one of our Colleague Connect® messages received a poor response from a physician, which created an opportunity to change their opinion on us. So we’re seeing even these negative responses as opportunities and are thankful for all the activity.
    - Hospital Marketer at a cancer institute in the South
  10. Before claiming my profile on Doximity I was really reluctant because I didn’t want to have another social profile to manage. As soon as I joined I realized that Doximity is not just another social site, because it actually makes my job easier and makes my career more meaningful. I now use Doximity on a daily basis and I love that I can mask my number to protect my privacy when calling my patients and students back.
    - PA of Pediatrics at health system in the South

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