A Week in the Life of a Cardiologist

Sep 26, 2022 | Hospital Solutions

Understanding your audience is key to creating strategic marketing campaigns. And at Doximity, we know physicians. As the largest secure medical network with over 2MM+ verified members, we understand how over 80% of U.S physicians collaborate and engage digitally. Specialists are some of the highest users of Doximity. Curious about what specialists are actually doing on Doximity? Explore an example week in the life of a cardiologist and gain deeper insight into this key audience. 



The cardiologist catches up on CME credits, including a study comparing initial invasive vs. conservative treatment for ischemia. Doximity makes it easy to access eligible articles on the newsfeed and submit for CME credit from their dashboard.


Before his first appointment, he reads an Op-Med article by a friend on the newsfeed. He requests to connect, growing his network of colleagues. 


On the way home, he uses Dialer to video call a patient about their lab results directly from his cell phone. Since Dialer allows him to customize the CallerID his patients see, he is confident that his personal number is never revealed.


He performs six procedures and sends 10 HIPAA-compliant faxes on the Doximity app without ever having to stop by the fax machine. 


He uses Dialer for numerous telehealth appointments. Cardiologists are one of the top specialties that use this tool. With the ability to seamlessly add an interpreter or pull up a referential image of mitral valve stenosis, Dialer enables better experiences for the cardiologist and his patients.  


A physician from a nearby hospital messages him about her ability to treat PCI lesions at her new facility. He thinks of a patient he spoke to earlier in the week who would benefit from the treatment and sends a referral.


Doximity improves his efficiency so that he can coach his son’s basketball team.


Doximity supports physicians throughout their week to make their busy lives a little easier. Understanding how they use the platform can help your organization strategically engage with physicians in a meaningful way while they are immersed in medicine.

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