An HMPS Recap: Our Team’s Top 5 Sessions

Jun 25, 2022 | Hospital Solutions

Last month, our team attended the Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit (HMPS) in Salt Lake City. The summit was packed with sessions on strategic marketing, interactive and digital engagement, and innovation and transformation within the industry. Though it’s hard to choose among so much great content, here are our team’s five favorite sessions from HMPS22. 


The CMO/CIO Partnership: Focus on the Consumer with Ed Marx, Paul Matsen, and Chris Hemphill 

In addition to delivering fantastic advice and walking through digital transformation case studies, this keynote session was engaging and entertaining. The discussion between Ed Marx, former CIO of Cleveland Clinic, and Paul Matsen, CMO of Cleveland Clinic, was moderated by Chris Hemphill of Actium Health. The rapport and camaraderie between these two former colleagues was apparent, as was their mutual love of musical metaphors. The pair compared IT and marketing of an organization to the rhythm section of a band: they are the backbone that must work together for the team to succeed. While many individuals on the team might have different opinions on how to execute a digital strategy, it’s essential for the CMO and CIO to rally their teams around the common vision. For Cleveland Clinic, that meant recentering on doing the right things for patients, the Clinic, and their physicians. Another key insight from this session was around the process. Ed reflected that often technology was the simple part of a transformation. If your organization is working on digital transformation, solidify the work processes first and then figure out how to enable them with technology. Be patient, collaborate, and never lose sight of your mission. 


Can New & Traditional Healthcare Players Co-Exist? with Kirsten Anderson, MD, Alan Shoebridge, Vipul Vyas

Vipul Vyas from Persado kicked off the session with an introduction to the healthcare landscape, focusing on how new healthcare players are emerging and establishing their niche within the broader traditional healthcare landscape. From concierge care facilities like OneMedical and CVS HealthHubs to technology companies like Best Buy prioritizing home health technology, there is a lot of interest in reaching consumers where they are. Vipul projected that companies have the option to differentiate themselves based on either customer intimacy and/or product leadership or price. Traditional healthcare systems face the danger of being stuck in the middle – offering a more expensive and less innovative product. This fascinating session projected ways in which conventional and new healthcare players can work together to improve quality, cost, and access to care for their patients. Kirsten Anderson, MD, a primary care physician and senior medical director of CVS, described a future in which primary care physicians could manage and organize care in conjunction with alternative, affordable, accessible sites of care (like CVS Health Hub). Alan Shoebridge, Chief Communications Officer at Providence Health, agreed, noting that there is a necessary co-dependence developing between companies that offer technological and convenience advantages.


Marketing Designed by Physicians, For Physicians with Jonathan Linn and Natalia Birgisson, MD

Dr. Natalia Birgisson served as a frontline physician during the COVID-19 pandemic and helped build Doximity’s telehealth platform. She now serves as Doximity’s Director of Strategy. Dr. Birgisson gave a physician’s perspective on some of the main pain points for practicing clinicians, including information overload, provider siloing, and breakdown of healthcare delivery. She addressed how Doximity helps solve these challenges and invited Jonathan Linn, Director of Marketing for LifePoint Health and former Director of Marketing for Baptist Cancer Center, to share a case study on how his organization leveraged solutions, like Doximity, to reach physicians where they are. Jon shared how his team at Baptist created content for a physician audience and ultimately achieved a 35:1 ROI. The duo’s interactive presentation focused on the importance of understanding your physician audience and working with your physician stakeholders to create clinical, relevant, and engaging content.


The Next Decade of Consumer Healthcare with Tanya Andreadis, Matt Gove, Suzanne Sawyer, Chris Bevolo

This lively panel brought together experts in healthcare marketing and communication. Tanya Andreadis, CMO and VP of Patient Engagement at Penn Medicine, Matt Gove, CMO at Summit Health, Suzanne Sawyer, SVP of Marketing and Communications at Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Chris Bevolo, Chief Brand Officer at Revive, gathered to forecast the next decade of healthcare. Revive researched and published five predictions for the next ten years in healthcare, and the panel dove deeply into the two most relevant to healthcare marketers.

1. The Copernican Consumer 

Consumers will become the centers of their own health universe, enabled by sensors, AI, and other technology, as well as services geared toward empowering them.

2. The Funnel Wars 

We could see the splitting of the health system model, with some systems moving even further to the larger, more comprehensive “health” organizations, others retracting into solely acute-care destinations, and others somewhere in the middle. The primary area where this transformation would play out is health, wellness, and the lower-acuity care points 

The panel debated these two key predictions, offering their own nuanced perspectives and recommendations for healthcare marketers. They discussed the potential disruptions that top Fortune 500 companies like Amazon and Google could create with the healthcare industry, as well as the possible symbiotic relationships that could emerge between technological innovators and traditional healthcare systems.  


Enhance Reputation & Diversity with Strategic Communication with Erin Larowe and Colleen Stone

Michigan Medicine Communications and Digital Strategist Colleen Stone and Michigan Medical School’s Communications Director Erin Larowe walked the audience through how Michigan Medicine enhanced both their reputation and diversity with strategic and targeted communications. As an academic medical center deeply invested in research and seeking to be a leader now and in the future, Michigan leadership engaged in deep conversations around much-needed culture change to achieve their goals. This included intentionality around diversity and equity in recruitment, leadership, and storytelling. Inspired by “The Diversity Bonus” by Scott Page, PhD, the Michigan team started by understanding and articulating the value of diverse teams as best positioned to  compete and succeed. The communications team elevated people and initiatives that showcased their inclusivity and diversity. They focused on being authentic, rooting messages in genuine initiatives, and building trust and partnerships with key stakeholders. 


These top sessions are just the tip of the iceberg of valuable strategic healthcare marketing content from HMPS. For anyone unable to attend, sign up for the comprehensive summit playback here.