Doximity Dialer receives top ranking from KLAS with stellar client feedback

For the second year in a row!

Feb 13, 2023 | Dialer Enterprise

For the second year in a row, Doximity has ranked the #1 Telehealth Video Conferencing Platform by Best in KLAS! We are thrilled to receive the distinction once again, and our entire team is appreciative of the client feedback and positive comments shared with KLAS that aid in our ranking. We’ve gathered a few of the comments below to share with you! You can read more about the 2023 Best in KLAS Report here

“Doximity is easy to work with, and it feels like they are always almost a step ahead of almost all other video-visit platform vendors. They offered multiparty video visits before a lot of the big-shot companies did. Doximity has integrated interpreter services and allowed us to use our own interpreter services and integrated that for our entire organization so providers don't have to worry about what their number is or what our phone number is or who we are using.”
– Manager, Jan.2023

“Dialer is super easy to use. There is no additional application or software download required. The product uses a direct-send hyperlink, and our users really like being able to send the link via SMS. Our users also love the functionality for phone number masking, or spoofing, so they can dial from their cell phone but have the clinic's number show up on the patient's device. We got a very good deal on Dialer.” – Director, Jan. 2023

“Dialer helps us avoid losing time with patients because of technical issues. If somebody doesn't pick up in a minute or answer the video call in a minute, then I just nudge them virtually, they answer, and we are on. I like the ability to call from our cell phone but have our office number be the number that is visible. Also, the ability to text patients is extremely popular among doctors and nurses. That text feature, which again has things come from the office number, is great. Dialer has met all expectations.” – Manager, Dec. 2022

“Dialer is super easy for the patients and the providers. It is very reliable; the connections are pretty smooth for both ends of the picture, and audio and video quality are generally pretty good. That is one other area of Dialer that is better than other platforms. The reliability has been the most important thing to make sure we are able to make successful connections with the patients. One other thing is it is easier than ever to add a new provider. If we have a new provider joining the organization, it is really easy to get them up and running on the platform. Dialer is very efficient; it is the best platform I have seen.” – Manager, Dec. 2022

“We make two platforms available to our providers, and Dialer is one of them. Of the two platforms, providers consistently choose Dialer more than 90% of the time because of its simplicity and ease of use. Dialer is super easy, and that is the reason everyone loves it. We don't force the product on anyone. Dialer is the providers’ preferred system and is by and large our most predominant application. Dialer completely meets our needs, and if we need another backup platform, Dialer is a very strong choice. Our users are extremely pleased with Dialer. Doximity's phone devices have a lot of features that other products do not have, such as a masked phone call; that feature and the video client are very attractive.” – VP/Other Executive, Dec. 2022

“Doximity has really stepped up with regard to integrations with our EMR vendor; the vendor has partnered closely with our EMR vendor to look for different use cases.” – VP/Other Executive, Dec. 2022

All comments are obtained by KLAS directly and shared back with Doximity anonymously.