Fine Tuning Your Content Calendar: A Case Study

Aug 30, 2021 | Hospital Solutions

Curious what you can do to strengthen your physician marketing campaigns? Look no further than a content calendar. Developing a calendar is a crucial piece to giving your team time to create content that performs. It allows you to visualize your strategy, ensuring your campaign resonates with clinicians. And we've seen results that don't lie.


An academic medical center (AMC) in a competitive midwest market began working with Doximity in 2017 to improve their brand reputation among a physician audience. In the first year of the partnership, the hospital focused on using their sponsored content on the Doximity newsfeed during the winter months preceding survey season. After their initial year, they worked with Doximity to fine-tune their approach to reach the highest value doctors at a consistent cadence.


By working with Doximity, the AMC’s campaign has yielded excellent results, including an impression rate of 45% and a view rate of 37%. In such a competitive urban market, the hospital learned that timing and consistency are vital to staying top-of-mind.



To learn more about the strategy behind the organization’s results, read the full case study.