Four Things Working for our Hospital Partners

Mar 27, 2019 | Hospital Solutions

Ever wonder what other hospital systems are doing with Doximity? How they’re merging the traditional with the digital? How they’re getting physicians onboard?

We asked our hospital partners what they’re doing to leverage Doximity. Here’s what they told us.

Finding stronger offline connections with the online platform

“I think that Doximity does make the job of our physician liaisons a little bit easier. It gives us a chance to integrate some of those broader marketing tactics with an actual face-to-face interaction that's really what physicians are looking for. What we do know from research is that it takes physicians a very long time to build new referral relationships and they don’t do it often. So you need more than just a quick introduction, you're going to need for them to have read about you, heard about you, met you, communicated with you and now share patients with you before they will really change a referral pattern.”

-Rose Herring 
 Senior Director of Marketing, Atrium Health

Developing a content strategy with multiple channels

“I found in my experience in working with Doximity, that [Colleague Connect and DocNews], taken together really give the most bang for the buck. And it’s really using one to prime the other, really makes it most effective and we’ve seen--I’ve seen in my own personal experience--that generates the most response.

I think of it as: we are priming these audiences with the sponsored stories which then we see, ‘alright, who has engaged with that?’ Those people have been primed and they’re even more receptive now for us to message with Colleague Connect.”

-John Davey 
 Director of Digital Marketing, NYU Langone Health

Promoting events as a recruitment tool

“One particular physician lead that we have within the system runs our liquid tumor oncology space, and we proposed to actually use Doximity to promote a networking program that we wanted to put on at the ASH conference. It's the biggest conference for hematology in the country, very well attended. We had several physicians going and we wanted to pull off an event at the program, but to invite people there's a lot of competition for getting people to said event and we thought Colleague Connect was the perfect way to do it. It's really a one-to-one invitation from someone they know or have heard of to invite them to the program.”

-Kimberly Lathroum 
 Executive Director of Marketing, City of Hope

Using existing physicians to help others onboard with the program

“Those early adopters stereotypically tended to be the younger physicians, our really sub-specialized physicians who have an interest in getting their name and reputation out there. But using them as an example to demonstrate to our other physicians how that could work, how we could tap into some of their networks.

A great example is we have a physician that is very sub-specialized in the orthopedic trauma world. He's done a lot of work with military veterans, doing work like limb lengthening surgeries. When we were able to target his peers across the country that also may have a military background and do some work in that space, it's a no-brainer that they're going to want to be interested in what he's working on and make that connection. When we have been able to show them connections like that and success in that area, they've been very receptive to buying into the program.”

-Rose Herring 
 Senior Director of Marketing, Atrium Health


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