How to Cut Through the Clutter

Feb 11, 2021 | Hospital Solutions

Creating content can be a difficult task to achieve but finding content for physicians may prove to be a larger mountain to climb. In order to find the right content that will catch the eye of physician readers and create high engagement there are four main ideas to keep in mind:



The topic, material, and/or evidence being used to build content is best when less than a year old. Physicians must be up to date in their field, thus creating conversations amongst readers and the opportunity for higher engagement.



The content being created should be appropriate for healthcare professionals, not for patients. The material that physicians pay attention to place higher focus on data and technique. Rather than the material for patients which is surrounded by the idea for informing and comforting.  



Having a specific target audience in mind when constructing content is vital for engagement. Whether the audience is regional or national, you want the right physicians or hospital systems reading what is applicable for them. If it’s not, expect for them to move right on by.



Generate content that is pertinent to a targeted medical specialty. Rather than having broad content that touches on every aspect of medical professions, it’s best to focus efforts on one. This can have an effect on engagement when members of a specialty connect with one another and are colleagues.


By deploying the use of these four aspects in your efforts to create physician content, you are setting yourself up with the best opportunity for high engagement.


Wanting to know what content resonates well with physicians? Download this PDF curated by our editorial team.