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Feb 12, 2024 | Hospital Solutions

What better way to start the year than rounding up a list of thought-provoking articles our team can’t stop talking about? Take a closer look at articles from Becker’s, Medium, and more. 

What health system marketing chiefs are saying about generative AI

This Becker’s article provides a fascinating round-up of health care thought leadership on the buzziest topic of the day: generative AI. Quoting chiefs from top health systems, a general consensus is emerging. There’s enthusiasm and excitement for the transformative power of the quickly evolving technology couched in some necessary caution around appropriate usage and safety. 

Redefining Success: The Imperative of Creative Measurement in Today’s Ad World

This script-flipping article from Medium asks marketers to consider a different approach to measuring success. Crucially, “It’s not just about asking ‘did people see it?’ but also ‘did it matter?’” The author argues for a holistic view of campaign performance that includes both creative measurement and media optimization. Only then can you drive real impact and authentic engagement. 

Maximizing Business Success: 5 Strategic Methods for Collecting Valuable Insights

From Heinz Marketing, this article shares five sources marketing teams can use to gain insights that help build impactful strategies. While these sources (market research, data analytics, stakeholder feedback, trend monitoring, and competitive analysis) might seem intuitive, they serve as a valuable reminder of how to analyze both qualitative and quantitative insights and apply them to strategy planning. 

2024 Outlook for Health Care Planning for the Future of Health: Top Trends for 2024

Deloitte health care leaders recap their predictions for the future of health care in this comprehensive blog post. Citing Deloitte’s annual Health Care Outlook Survey as well as top headline trends from 2023, the authors identify five factors likely to shape health care in 2024. They consider mergers, digital transformation, outsourcing, workforce challenges, and patient empowerment, and provide valuable considerations for health systems to keep in mind going into this new year.

These are just a handful of articles that captured our attention this month. We’re hoping these insights spark some new ideas and conversations as you tackle content, strategy, and planning for 2024.