Our Best Kept Secret: The Medical Writing Team

Apr 29, 2022 | Amy Ferguson - Doximity Senior Client Success Manager

Generally speaking, a hospital marketing team is mainly focused on appealing to the consumer directly. That means the majority of their content is patient-facing, featuring simple and clear marketing language and feel-good patient stories. Marketing directly to physicians, however, requires an entirely different approach. Because physicians are extremely busy with very demanding schedules, they are a notoriously difficult audience to reach. Difficult, but not impossible. Their attention can be captured with highly clinical and scientific content, which our hospital partners often do not have. 

Enter Doximity’s team of medical writers, perhaps our best-kept secret. We carefully select each individual to join this team due to their experience writing for academic medical centers, pediatric facilities, national health systems, medical journals, research organizations, and much more. For no additional cost, our partners can tap into the expertise of this team who can help ensure their content is compelling to the physician audience on Doximity. There are a number of ways medical writers can provide support in the content development process, including: 
  • Transforming patient-facing materials into appropriate, clinical pieces for the physician audience on our platform
  • Generating thoughtful questions for your physicians to answer, that can then be turned into a compelling piece  
  • Recommending attention-grabbing headlines that will stand out on the platform 
  • Summarizing high-level takeaways from published research articles, clinical trial opportunities, interviews, etc. 

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