The Non-Clinical Topic That’s Capturing Physician Attention on Doximity

Nov 22, 2023 | Kate Domin - Doximity Marketing Manager

While the vast majority of content on Doximity is clinical, there has been an increasing interest in additional topics, including medical business content. One way to see what topics are resonating with physicians is to explore Doximity’s Op-Med, a place for clinicians to share their stories and experiences. We took a look at some trending Op-Med pieces to explore some themes that are currently popular among clinicians.

Financial Literacy 

It’s well known that physicians are among the most highly paid professionals. But, as Dr. Omar points out in his Op-Med “Why Medical Education Needs to Integrate Finances,” it comes at the cost of many years of lost income during training and often significant student loan debt. Dr. Omar advocates for the inclusion of financial literacy topics in nonclinical medical school curricula. More and more physicians are seeking information about financial literacy, turning to helpful Op-Meds like “How Doctors Should Manage Their Investments During a Bear Market” or “How to Thrive in a Recession.” 

Building Wealth

Content around creative ways to build wealth is also popular. Everyone seems to be discussing “side hustles,” the concept of doing something outside of work that makes money. In his Op-Med “7 Steps to Diversify Your Income Through a Side Hustle,” Dr. Kim cites that 40% of Americans had a side hustle in 2022. Doctors are no different. In fact, over 3,500 physicians recently voted in a Doximity poll indicating their preferred side gig, with real estate investing taking the cake. Dr. Parikh takes it a step further in his Op-Med, saying, “Having Multiple Income Streams Makes You a Better Physician.” 

Intersection of Finances and Health 

Of course, financial health, physical health, and mental health can be intertwined, a concept that bridges physicians' dual clinical and financial interests on Doximity. In her Op-Med, “A PA Explains How Debt in Hurting Your Body,” Katarina Astrup dives into the correlation between these fields and how it affects not only patients but also providers.  

These are just a handful of Op-Meds that discuss the unique financial situations that physicians face. One thing they have in common is their precision and relevance to a clinical audience, which is essential to consider as you develop content. And, to make it even more engaging, think about what interactive content can do for you.