The Importance of Physician Marketing

Healthcare is a very complex industry with lots of important players and moving pieces. However, physicians continue to be the heart of our healthcare system. Not only are physicians charged with the...

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Why Brand Marketing Matters

There’s an age-old discussion among marketers about the benefits of brand versus performance marketing. While performance marketing gained popularity for its measurability, recently industry leaders...

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Four Ways to Use ChatGPT in Healthcare Marketing

ChatGPT, a sophisticated chatbot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate human-like responses to a prompt, took the world by storm earlier this year. Across almost every industry,...

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Ready or Not: Gen Zers Are Headed to Your Orgs

When we think about generational marketing, it’s often to define and understand our audience. By considering the unique circumstances and cultural touchstones that shaped a generation, generational...

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Are Branding Campaigns Important to Your Physician Marketing?

Last fall, MarketingWeek released results from their Language of Effectiveness survey, which showed that marketers are almost twice as likely to focus purely on brand awareness. The survey included...

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Empowering Physician Peer-Relationships for Better Patient Care

At Doximity, we have long believed in the value of physician-peer relationships and the strength that comes from physician networks. Robust networks provide value to physicians, expanding access to...

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Year in Review: 5 Healthcare Marketing Trends

With 2022 wrapped up, we’re looking ahead to 2023. Here are the top 5 marketing trends we expect to continue to dominate in the new year. 

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How to Handle The Holidays

The holiday season is always busy. This year, add on the spike of the “tripledemic,” and hospitals are set to have a hectic few weeks. Here are a few tips to support your team during the most...

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Better Together: Targeting and Content Journeys

We’ve said it before: great content is only one piece of the puzzle. To activate deeper engagement and make your content more impactful, consider developing a content journey. See our blog post for...


The Dream Team: Your Agency Plus Doximity

Doximity is not your typical partner – we strive to become an extension of your marketing team. And, since some of our healthcare partners work with demand generation agencies to create, manage, and...


How to Choose, Use, and Support Your Physician Ambassadors

Physician ambassadors can be a true extension of your marketing team and incredibly effective in building brand awareness, developing new referral relationships, and increasing patient volume. It’s...


Great Content is Only One Piece of the Puzzle

It can be easy to fall into the trap of creating content that you want consumers to see rather than considering how consumers want to engage with your brand. Stepping back and developing a content...


3 Reasons Why You Want Your Physicians on Doximity

As a healthcare marketer, your primary focus probably isn’t your institution’s physicians' social activity. However, your physicians could be a secret weapon for amplifying your brand reputation....


Top Blog Posts of 2021

With 2022 underway, we’re taking a look back at some of our most-read blog posts of 2021. In a year where content was king, these posts aimed to help healthcare marketers navigate the demand for...


Developing Physician Content That Clicks

One of the most frequently asked questions from our partners is how to develop content for physicians. Since Doximity is a physician-first platform, our content looks a little different from...


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