Top 5 Strategies Our Non-Hospital Clients Are Using

Aug 31, 2021 | Hospital Solutions

Hospitals aren’t our only clients these days. More and more organizations such as medical associations, financial software companies, or public health and awareness groups are working with Doximity to reach physicians. And from what we’ve seen so far, these organizations are doing things a bit differently to succeed. Below are the top five strategies Doximity’s non-hospital clients use to boost brand awareness and patient acquisition on the platform.


1. Unique Targeting Strategy

This type of partner isn’t taking your typical approach when sponsoring posts on the newsfeed and direct messages. They’re rethinking the targeting criteria that they’re using to reach physicians. Many are focused on targeting the busiest doctors so patient volume is key. Other pieces of the puzzle they're looking for are their specialty, subspecialty, geography, and who is the most engaged or active on the platform.


2. Taking Advantage of Medical Writers 

Developing content geared towards physicians is tricky. They don’t respond to the same things that patients do. And our non-hospital partners are doing something we encourage all of our clients to do: they’re taking advantage of the medical writers we have on staff. The medical writers are extremely familiar with how to tailor content to a physician audience. They know what will catch their eye and what resonates. So whether you need a consumer-facing article updated for this new audience or bullet points massaged into a complete story, our team can help.


3. Featuring Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)

Historically, we’ve seen clients utilize Colleague Connect® and Colleague Correspond campaigns to feature physicians to promote their organization. However, many of these partners don’t have physicians on staff. Featuring a KOL allows organizations to still get their message directly in front of top-engaged clinicians. Typically, these KOLs are doctors that are power users of their product so they’re the perfect candidate to reach out and promote the organization.


4. Retargeting

Retargeting is a fundamental marketing tool, and on Doximity, it’s no different. This group uses Colleague Correspond messages to hyper-focus on an already engaged audience with a clear and concise CTA to drive traffic to places like a landing page with further detail on a unique study.


5. Reporting

Our non-hospital partners find immense value in our Healthcare Provider Reports. They are able to dig deep into the physician engaging with their content and follow-up with them in a meaningful way, growing their business and elevating their brand recognition.