Top Five Must Read Articles for Hospital Marketers This Summer

Aug 23, 2019 | Hospital Solutions

With an endless supply of healthcare articles published daily, it takes a lot of reading to stay up to speed. We asked our team what their favorite articles have been this summer and narrowed it down to five. Take a look at what they’ve recommended!

1. CMS wants to force hospitals to reveal negotiated rates. Can it do that?
What would happen if gasp you knew what your hospital visit would cost before you went to the hospital? CMS wants hospitals to reveal their negotiated rates with insurers to patients. Insurers are in favor of the disclosure saying it would allow hospitals to better negotiate.

2. Amazon, Cerner team up on AI, machine learning
Amazon is building up a nice healthcare portfolio and is now getting access to Cerner’s patient data through a partnership between Cerner and AWS. Cerner wants to better utilize the EHR-based patient data they have and Amazon wants to improve PillPack and Haven (non-profit between Berkshire Hathaway, Amazon, and JP Morgan).

3. Ranking groups that rank hospitals
New England Journal of Medicine rated all of the hospital rating systems (full report here). U.S. News ended up at the top of the list.

4. The US is on the verge of a devastating, but avoidable doctor shortage
What happens when doctors feel increasing burnout, are expected to do more clerical work than in times past, and are riding the silver tsunami? Practicing physicians stop practicing. And what happens when you are graduating undergrad, know about all of this, and are considering taking on the debt of medical school (and beyond)? You decide not to become a doctor. These two factors are pushing us towards a physician shortage. Our options are to reduce physician burnout or lessen the burden on medical school students and residents.

5. Marketing Measurement: How to Get Everyone on the Same Page
The one thing marketers don’t have a shortage of is data. But this creates a new problem—too much data and the risk of presenting the wrong data to leadership come budget time. To combat this, SHSMD suggests setting up a measurement dashboard and having one person in the organization handle one dashboard so they become an SME on the data they own.

Looking for more great articles to read? Check out the Doximity Hospital Solutions Blog, new articles are posted regularly and will keep you in the know when it comes to physician marketing news.