Understanding the Patient Journey

From Diagnosis to Treatment

Oct 31, 2023 | Hospital Solutions

Over 12 million patients search for doctors monthly on U.S. News and Doximity, and 77% of them are seeking specialists. We’re taking a deeper look into what a typical patient search process looks like from diagnosis to treatment. 

  1. Jen receives a breast cancer diagnosis from her oncologist, Dr. Jones, who then recommends a breast medical specialist. 

  2. Jen pulls out her computer to research female oncologists specializing in breast cancer at academic medical centers near her. 

  3. U.S. News and World Report comes up within the first few search results. Like 74% of visitors, Jen is planning to see her specialist within one month. 

  4. Jen examines multiple top specialists on the U.S. News website, comparing their profiles, their experience, and reviews. She, like the average searcher, views three different doctor profiles. 

  5. Jen likes Dr. Smith’s profile. She clicks the easy “book appointment” button on his profile and schedules an appointment for the following week. 

  6. She meets with Dr. Smith, receives a treatment plan, and begins her treatment. 

  7. After a full course of treatment, Jen is in complete remission. 

Jen represents over a third of patients who self-refer to specialists, a number that is anticipated to increase with time. Patient Connect helps hospitals and their physicians increase their visibility right where patients are already searching. Patient Connect adds an easy “book appointment” button on physicians’ U.S. News profiles, enabling patients to schedule appointments directly from physician profiles. It also integrates with your existing scheduling channels and your physicians’ existing Doximity profiles, resulting in a turnkey setup that can be live within two weeks.

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