Q&A: Vetting Doximity From the Agency Perspective

Feb 27, 2022 | Hospital Solutions

Doximity is a different kind of partner—we don’t fit into a typical media box. We report on engagement and ROI, not CPMs, and you won’t find any banner ads on Doximity. We don’t bombard physicians with ads and messages in hopes of getting lucky. We create content experiences that physicians value and actively seek. So when an advertising agency comes to us looking for the perfect partner for their clients, it can be tricky to get on the same page.

We talked to Movéo, a demand generation agency that focuses on branding, lead generation, and customer engagement, to find out the best ways for agencies to work with Doximity and their clients.

What types of clients does Movéo work with?

Movéo works with a wide range of clients across Healthcare and B2B. In the healthcare space, Movéo partners with health systems (both community health systems and academic medical centers) to promote priority service line volume growth for consumer audiences as well as reputation building and building referral pipelines for referring physician audiences. 

In the B2B space, Movéo partners with leading B2B companies across a broad range of industries, from healthcare technology to smart grid technology, to craft and implement strategies that are aligned with business objectives to drive and nurture leads and propel growth. 

What does Movéo look for in a media partner?

It is important to find a media partner that can help promote your client’s brand and raise visibility and credibility based on your goals for the year. Some of the important items to look for are the following: 

  • Does this vendor provide strategic thought leadership, continuous media optimization, and transparency? 
  • How can the vendor promote brand exposure to grow your network and support your overall campaign and brand goals? 
  • Are they able to provide detailed reporting and walk-through the value you are getting from your invested marketing dollars? 

Where did you learn about Doximity?

We first learned about Doximity through our partnerships with several healthcare organizations when we collaborated on a cross-functional referring physician workshop to highlight key capabilities of the Doximity platform, as well as an early version of the Colleague Connect® program.   

What makes Doximity different from other media outlets? 

Doximity is a well-established vendor that has the largest community of healthcare professionals in the country and is one of the top resources for physicians on the latest news and innovations. Doximity is able to provide visibility and tracking for each client, but most importantly, their team is there to support clients with their overall goals and objectives. 

In addition, Doximity’s partnership with US News & World Report to provide a physician voting portal for the annual rankings report makes them a unique and valuable resource for reputation-focused healthcare marketing initiatives.

How does Movéo partner with Doximity and its clients? 

Movéo partners with Doximity as a channel strategy for referring physician campaigns. We have seen the value in this channel for our joint clients around growing awareness, building credibility, and driving adoption. 

From an execution standpoint, we work as an integrated team to provide content strategy and to ensure that all tactics are working together and are streamlined across the campaign. 

What tips do you have for agencies looking at Doximity as a solution for their clients?

Think about where Doximity falls as a touchpoint within the referring physician journey. While volume growth and reputation often go hand in hand, it is critical to focus on what your primary goal is, who your target audience is, what you want them to take away from your content, and what is the ideal next step you want them to take. 

Make sure to consider which of your priority service lines/programs will benefit the most from leveraging Doximity’s targeting capabilities and the structure of the platform.

What tips do you have for agencies and clients as they partner together with Doximity?

Think about which physicians are your best “spokespeople” for programs like Colleague Connect® — physicians who are already engaged will be easier to partner with and will make the most of the partnership.

Consider your content development funnel — how much existing content do you have ready to go that you can leverage immediately, and how long will it take to develop additional content? 

What do you like best about Doximity? 

The Doximity platform and performance dashboard are easy to use and navigate for both physicians and marketing teams. Their Client Success Team provides clear, easy-to-read, and transparent reporting that can be shared with stakeholders who need to understand a high-level overview of program performance. Doximity’s dedicated team is happy to support any new initiatives and readily available for conversations or to quickly put together proposals or recommendations for review.