12 Content Ideas to Power Your Physician Marketing

Topics That Resonate With Physicians On Doximity

Feb 28, 2024 | Kate Domin - Doximity Marketing Associate

Great content is what powers marketing programs. But, sometimes, it can be challenging to brainstorm fresh and engaging content ideas. We've curated a list of 12 topics on Doximity that have resonated widely among physicians across various specialties. Capture the attention of healthcare professionals with these topics: 

  1. Expert Insights or Q&A
    Your organization likely has a host of experts, from physicians to leadership, who could lend their insights. Conduct a quick Q&A to share their relevant expertise with your ideal audience. Be sure to include direct quotes when possible.

  2. Clinical Trials
    If your organization is conducting clinical trials, consider using your content strategy to support them, whether it’s providing information on the upcoming trials, sharing results from recently concluded trials, or providing more information on how to refer patients into relevant trials. 

  3. New Technology and Innovation
    Physicians value staying up-to-date on relevant technology and innovation. Lean into product launches, enhancements, innovations in health technology, or new time-saving integrations where possible. 

  4. Research
    It can be burdensome to seek out information on new research. Provide value to your physician audience by surfacing key study results on procedures, outcomes, treatments, and practices. Establish your organization as a thought leader in research-based content. 

  5. Burnout and The Physician Experience
    Unfortunately, burnout is a very real experience among physicians. Share how your organization is approaching burnout or providing a space for physicians to connect with fellow physicians. 

  6. Videos and Podcasts
    We’ve seen partners succeed with content that leverages existing media, including videos and podcasts. Intrigue readers with excerpted snippets and drive to the full content piece. Pro tip: include “VIDEO” or “PODCAST” in your headline. 

  7. Industry Insights
    Similar to research and new technology, physicians are interested in staying up-to-date on the latest news impacting the broader medical industry, including updates on practice management, workflow optimization, industry trends, and the evolving business of medicine. 

  8. Patient Stories
    We always recommend keeping physician content clinical and relevant. Taking a case study approach to a patient’s story is a great way to share patient stories with a focus on the clinical elements.

  9. Testimonials
    We know from behavioral science that people respond best when they trust the source of information. Tap into the authority principle by producing content that features trusted testimonials.

  10. Physician Updates
    One standout feature of Doximity is its ability to facilitate colleague connections, including keeping physicians up-to-date on their peers' careers moves and updates.  Organizations can also participate in this discussion by showcasing physician content that highlights physician updates such as leadership changes, new hires, physician awards, and more. 

  11. Hospital Announcement
    When considering which types of hospital announcements to share on Doximity, we recommend focusing on clinically relevant updates that support both physicians and organizations in providing expert care.

  12. Third-Party
    Third-party content, including journal and news articles, can be a boon to your content marketing strategy. Not only are they easy to repurpose, but information from trusted third-party sources also taps into the authority principle.

We hope these content suggestions spark some new ideas for content that supports your robust marketing strategy. And remember that once you develop winning content, don’t hesitate to re-use. Learn how to identify content strong enough to reuse